June 2021 Sightings

Details of June sightings compiled by John Thompson will appear on the Monthly Sightings page.

In the meantime, if you spot anything of interest record here by adding a comment.


  1. Nigel Henderson
    16th June 2021

    Congleton – park – field
    Spotted Flycatcher on its favourite perch on the railings surrounding the playground.
    River Dane – Dane Street riverside walk
    Mandarin Duck ♂ ♀
    Kingfisher Flying downstream from the road bridge. My last sighting on this stretch of river was 12-May-2021.
    Grey Wagtail two sightings; also between the Steamboat and the weir; also beyond the park near the waterwheel.

    15th June 2021

    15th June 2021
    30+ Swifts over Frank Webb Avenue/Badger Avenue crossroads as seen from my bungalow.
    3 Swifts over Selworthy Avenue/Underwood Lane junction as seen from my bungalow.

  3. John
    14th June 2021

    7 – 13 Jun
    EHF/PHF: W-f Whistling Duck, Egyptian Goose, Mandarin, Shoveler, Oystercatcher, R & LR Plover, Common Tern
    MGT/RF: Water Rail, Sedge & Reed Warbler, Reed Bunting
    WLF: Common Tern
    Astbury Mere: Hobby
    Church / Lawton Woods: Tawny Owl
    Congleton: Mandarin, Goosander, Spotted Flycatcher, Dipper, Grey Wagtail,
    Middlewich: Osprey
    Mow Cop: Guinea Fowl, Red Kite, Tree Pipit

  4. Nigel Henderson
    14th June 2021

    Congleton – beyond the park
    Congleton – park
    Spotted Flycatcher
    River Dane – Dane Street riverside walk
    Mandarin Duck ♂ on his rock
    Dipper Juvenile, below the roadbridge
    and in non-avian news, American Mink Swimming and running along the bank close to the water. This is bad news for our native wildlife.
    River Dane – Steamboat car park
    Grey Wagtail, also flying downstream on the Riverside Walk

  5. Colin
    12th June 2021

    Back from holiday and starting to catch up with my sites for the SECOS Swift Survey and noticed that last night at 21-00 over Haslington I counted 12 swifts but all very high and silent but when re-checked at 21-45 there were still 12 but much lower with a few screaming parties of three birds at roof top height. Is this normal behaviour I wonder; has anybody else noticed this?

  6. Nigel Henderson
    12th June 2021

    Congleton – park – playground
    Spotted Flycatcher (it likes to perch on the tradition green painted iron fence).
    River Dane – Dane Street riverside walk
    Mandarin Duck ♀
    Grey Wagtail many sightings; ♂ ♀ and immature
    Goosander Juvenile

  7. Graham
    11th June 2021

    Tree Pipit still at Cheshire’s Close – parachuted beautifully for me! Also Guinea Fowl crossed Mow Lane lower down – my second non-tickable UK first of the week!!
    During a walk around Astbury Mere, found half eaten remains of what appeared to be a common Long-eared Bat.

  8. Dave Winnington
    9th June 2021

    Mow Cop Tree Pipit still there Cheshire’s Close OS Map car park likes lower fence congleton rd now open

  9. Graham
    9th June 2021

    Egyptian Goose still at Hancock’s – also the White-faced Whistling Duck (for interests sake!).

  10. John
    9th June 2021

    Lots of evidence of breeding over the past few days on Macon Meadows.
    Juvs of: Mallard, GS Woodpecker, Great & Long-tailed Tit, Nuthatch
    Adults with food: Sparrowhawk, Reed Bunting
    Also other species with singing birds, suggesting on territory: Blackcap, Whitethroat, Song Thrush, Greenfinch

  11. Dave Winnington
    8th June 2021

    Had good view of Tawny Owl in flight flew in tree near Wooden bridge bottom stream Church Lawton yesterday morning 8.45 heard it call first

  12. Dave Winnington
    8th June 2021

    To Nigel
    Sorry Nigel didn’t realise spelt it wrong
    Auto spell check on phone
    It is Cheshire ‘s Close it’s the car park
    Congleton road was closed at the time Congleton side ! get to it from mow cop end

  13. Nigel Henderson
    7th June 2021

    Dear Dave
    With regard to your post of 4th June 2021 can you tell me where the Chester Close car park is? My copy of Autoroute (which is admttedly 2006 vintage) does not know about Chester Close, Mow Cop. I have walked from the Old Man of Mow to Ackers Crossing past Roe Park but Chester Close is not known to me.

  14. John
    7th June 2021

    31 May – 6 Jun
    EHF/PHF: Egyptian Goose, Mandarin, Shoveler, Oystercatcher, R & LR Plover, Common Tern, GW Egret,
    Moston: L Whitethroat
    Alsager: Skylark, Tree Sparrow, Yellow Wagtail, Linnet, Yellowhammer
    Arclid: Hobby
    Astbury: R-l Partridge, Red Kite, Skylark, Yellow Wagtail
    Astbury Mere: Common Tern, Willow & Reed Warbler
    Axe Edge: G Plover
    Cloud: Spotted Flycatcher
    Congleton: Mandarin, Goosander, Mistle Thrush, Spotted Flycatcher, Dipper, Grey Wagtail,
    Middlewich: Red Kite
    Mow Cop: Kestrel, Raven, Grasshopper, Willow & Garden Warbler, Meadow & Tree Pipit, Reed Bunting
    Scholar Green: Hobby, Yellowhammer
    Wallhill/Brownlow: Spotted Flycatcher, Yellowhammer

  15. Nigel Henderson
    7th June 2021

    Congleton – park
    Spotted Flycatcher on the fence surrounding the play area.
    River Dane – Dane Street riverside walk
    Willow Warbler (or a chiffchaff with red legs).
    Mandarin Duck 1♂ 2♀♀ – we have previously seen 2 ♂♂, one of which appears to be entering eclipse.
    Grey Wagtail Flying upstream then downstream; then 3 flying and perched.
    Dipper adult – no sign of any juveniles.

  16. Dave Winnington
    4th June 2021

    Mow cop Tree Pipit still down from Chester Close car park on tree to left parachuting on to lower posts also nice Male Kestrel

  17. Nigel Henderson
    2nd June 2021

    Bent Lane to Brownlow
    Yellowhammer ♂
    Spotted Flycatcher 2
    Congleton – park
    Congleton – park – field
    Mistle Thrush 2
    River Dane – Dane Street riverside walk
    Mandarin Duck 2 ♂♂
    Grey Wagtail Adult and juvenile as separate sightings.
    Goosander 2♀♀
    Dipper Adult and juvenile; also a separate sighting of the adult
    perched and flying.

  18. Nigel Henderson
    1st June 2021

    Congleton – park
    Spotted Flycatcher
    Congleton – park – field
    Mistle Thrush
    River Dane – Dane Street riverside walk
    Mandarin Duck ♂; showing well, upstream of its normal spot.
    Grey Wagtail
    Dipper Adult
    Blackcap ♂

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