May 2022 Sightings

Details of May sightings will appear on the Monthly Sightings page.

In the meantime, if you spot anything of interest record it here by adding a comment.


  1. Mike&Andy
    14th May 2022

    Great views of a summer plumaged Spotted Sandpiper at Doddington this afternoon.Watched it for a few minutes before it flew across the pool and out of sight.

  2. Nigel Henderson
    14th May 2022

    Congleton – Lady Warburton’s Walk
    Swift 2 (our first sighting in Congleton)
    Congleton park
    Mistle Thrush 2 on Hankinsons field; also 2 on the rugby field
    Dane – Steamboat car park
    Dane – weir
    Blackcap Male and female
    Dane riverside walk
    Grey Wagtail many sightings
    Dipper many sightings
    Newsbank Pool
    Stock Dove 2 flying; 2 on the ground
    Oystercatcher 2
    Mandarin Duck Male flew in

  3. Colin
    13th May 2022

    At Doddington this evening on the floodwater; 3 lrp, 1 dunlin, 1 shelduck, 1 lapwing, 9 tufted. 49 mute swans on the main pool.

  4. Colin
    13th May 2022

    re-reading my blog on Bryan’s records I guess it would have helped to say they were at Doddington.

  5. Colin
    12th May 2022

    100 swifts, and 1 hobby amongst them, feeding over the water. Record from Bryan Perkins

  6. Mike&Andy
    11th May 2022

    3 Dunlin were new at Doddington this evening and 100 Swifts over the pool.

  7. Glyn Jones
    11th May 2022

    11th May 2022 – 1930
    9 Swift over Badger Avenue crossroads with Frank Webb Avenue, 3 Swift over Selworthy Drive in Crewe.

  8. Mike&Andy
    9th May 2022

    Our first Yellow Wagtail of the year for Doddington this morning and good to see breeding activity with a pair or the L.R.Plovers.Also,Com Sand,Oystercatchers,Red-l Partridge and Skylark.Around 30 Swifts over the pool and on it still the Wood Duck and a pair of Pochard.

  9. Nigel Henderson
    8th May 2022


    Congleton park
    Blackcap ♂
    Mistle Thrush 1

    R. Dane
    Goosander ♀ with 4 fluffy young; several sightings
    Grey Wagtail several sightings including a juvenile
    Mandarin Duck ♂ (we hope the female is sitting on eggs and will produce her young for us to look at)
    Dipper several sightings; Feeding and flying
    Kingfisher Perched then flying

  10. Colin & Sylvia
    6th May 2022

    Not very often we beat you guys but we had 6 LRP on the floodwater this morning with 10 tufted; 4 house martins and 3 swallows collecting mud and just one shelduck – is the other one gone or nest sitting somewhere? Over the main pool were 15 swifts with a few house martins and swallows. One common sandpiper on the island and we finally got a good enough view of a strange duck to id it as a male wood duck.

  11. Mike&Andy
    5th May 2022

    Still 4 L.R. Plovers at Doddington this evening as well as 2 Common Sandpipers around the pool also 6 Oystercatchers and 6 Lapwing.

  12. Nigel Henderson
    5th May 2022

    Astbury Mere
    Willow Warbler
    Sand Martin
    Blackcap ♂
    Congleton park – playground
    Mistle Thrush
    River Dane – Dane Street riverside walk
    Grey Wagtail including a juvenile
    Mandarin Duck ♂
    Dipper Perched below the road bridge feeding in the water; also downstream of the Steamboat flying upstream
    River Dane – Congleton park – Park Road entrance bridge
    Goosander ♀ and four young

  13. Nigel Henderson
    4th May 2022

    At last I have the opportunity to put on something on the blog other than the usual suspects along the Dane.

    What a dotterel is doing in Congleton I don’t know but there were nine other bird watchers looking at it when I was there (16:00), one of whom had come from York. After the North Norfolk trip it is my second dotterel of the year.

    (The dotterel was in a ploughed field south of A54/A536 roundabout at 53.1685,-2.2588. Latest news, after I had gone, is that it flew across the A536 and landed in a ploughed field at 53.169,-2.257 – information from Bird Guides).

  14. Nigel Henderson
    3rd May 2022

    Congleton park – field
    Mistle Thrush 1
    River Dane – Dane Street riverside walk
    Mandarin Duck ♂
    Kingfisher Flying upstream
    Grey Wagtail x3; many sightings; ♂ ♀
    Goosander ♂; ♀ with 4 fluffy young; ♀ with 5 fluffy young in the park
    River Dane – Steamboat car park
    Dipper Flying downstream and under the Steamboat; Perched and swimming below the weir.

  15. Colin
    2nd May 2022

    On the 1st May.
    At Congleton on the river Dane. Dipper; a pair carrying food into a probable nest site; best viewed from the small carpark by the old steamboat roundabout. Goosander; a female with six very small juvs and another female with four slightly larger but still small juvs; best viewed from the footbridge in the park. Thanks to Nigel and Pam for info.

  16. Mike&Andy
    2nd May 2022

    4 L.R. Plovers at Doddington this morning and 2 Garden Warblers singing and showing infrequently at Lea Forge.

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