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During the coronavirus lockdown period, you can post here about sightings in your garden by adding a comment.


  1. Nev
    9th August 2020

    First new garden bird.
    Ring-necked parakeet.
    Not only did I get the garden bird but just beforehand the ( probably) same bird flew over
    chased by a crow. I was up early painting a fence; it’s the early bird what gets the worm!!
    I know they are spreading but still delighted with this one.

  2. Colin
    9th August 2020

    When I moved in to the conservatory for a cup of tea after the evening meal last night I noted a movement in the corner of the garden on the grass, then a sparrowhawk popped into view from behind a tree. It glared at me for several seconds then flew off. When I went to look I found that he had also been having his evening meal, with a well plucked and half eaten woodpigeon on the grass.

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