SECOS Bird Report

John Thompson, SECOS Recorder, has spent a lot of time and effort to produce the SECOS Bird Report 2010 to 2019.  This is a decennial (once every ten years) report on the birds seen and recorded in the SECOS area in the last decade.  It is a comprehensive report with for example 31 wader, 15 gull and 7 tern entries included in the total of 250 species and sub-species. There are also included articles to define the SECOS Recording Area, a review of Summer Migrant Arrival Dates and a summary of the SECOS Winter Garden Bird Survey.  Overall it is an excellent report and a valuable record of the birds in our area.

John’s predecessor as SECOS Recorder, Colin Lythgoe, produced an annual bird report covering the sightings within our recording area from 1986 through to 2010. After 25 years the 2010 report was the last full year report to be produced.

These reports are available to download in PDF format below.

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