Where to Watch

The SECOS Recorder, John Thompson, has produced a booklet - "A Site Guide to the SECOS Recording Area" which is available to download from our publications pages.

Much of the content is included in these ‘Where to Watch’ pages together with links to maps to help  locate the individual sites.

'Likely species' refers to records between 2010 and 2019 ( circa 250 species recorded during the decade ) and are listed only as an indication, showing what might be seen at the right time of year and in the appropriate conditions, etc.  'Sensitive' species and/or those vulnerable to disturbance if breeding and/or roosting are not included.

John’s interpretation of the likely species / status is based on the volume and frequency of sightings, etc in the decade.  Please treat the lists as a guideline only - as ever, in birdwatching, there are no guarantees!

If you would like to suggest a site to be considered for inclusion on the SECOS website and in the document, please contact John Thompson, and if you have photographs of any of the sites mentioned, and are willing for them to added to these pages, please contact Peter Roberts.

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