SECOS Winter and Breeding Bird Survey – SWaBBS

This is a new activity for SECOS starting in 2018, developed by John Thompson with support from Colin Lythgoe.

It is a bold attempt to learn more about the birds in our SECOS Recording Area, both in the breeding season and during the winter. It has been made very easy to do with just three visits of up to two hours in each season to record all the birds that you see in a local patch of your choosing.

The fieldwork will not be too difficult, needing just a basic level of bird identification skills; if a few birds are missed or not identified it will not significantly bias the results.

John will enter all the records on a database and produce a report. It will help him greatly if records are submitted electronically (and help is available) although he can cope with a few paper records, by prior agreement.

John and Colin will be at the back of the hall after the talk at the remaining indoor meetings if anybody interested would like some more information or to discuss anything.

For more details please contact John Thompson or Colin Lythgoe

Telephone numbers are on the membership card.

So please support this latest SECOS activity and help us learn more about our local bird population.

An introduction to the survey may be downloaded here


A Fieldworker Registration form is available here

Download a  report of the 2018 breeding season records distributed to SWaBBS fieldworkers.

Download a breeding season comparison report for 2018 -2019

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