January 2020 Sightings

Details of January sightings  compiled by John Thompson will appear on the Monthly Sightings page.


  1. Colin & Sylvia
    31st January 2020

    A quiet morning at Doddington with no OC and no PI. 300 starlings with 60 fieldfare and 5 redwing were noisy in the trees along the main road.

  2. Mike&Andy
    29th January 2020

    Our first Oystercatcher of the year for Doddington this afternoon and the male Pintail still present.A tree Creeper was also a year tick there and a male Kestrel was favouring the Yatcht masts.At least 14 Goldeneye showing but only 3 Wigeon and Little Grebes of other note apart from Redwings,Fieldfares and Lapwings around the pool.

  3. John
    29th January 2020

    SWaBBS – Wybunbury Moss
    Despite more felling taking place this morning ( I assume to reduce the uptake of water by the trees ) I had quite a good list: m & f GS Woodpecker, a Jay, a Magpie carrying nesting material, a distant Raven calling, both winter thrushes, a lone Mistle Thrush singing, Bullfinch, Greenfinch and a couple of L Redpoll

  4. David Cookson
    29th January 2020

    At Doddington this morning 29th. I Pintail and a group of Great Black Backed Gulls.

  5. John
    27th January 2020

    20 – 26 Jan
    EHF/PHF: Pintail, Goosander, L & GC Grebe, Curlew, Bl-t Godwit, Snipe, Green Sandpiper, Redshank, Mediterranean, Common & Y-l Gull, GW & L Egret, Sparrowhawk, Kingfisher, Kestrel, Peregrine, Raven
    FF / towpath: Goosander, L Grebe, Woodcock
    Astbury: Skylark
    Borrow Pit M: Meadow Pipit
    Doddington: Pochard, Goldeneye, L Grebe
    Lea Forge: Bullfinch, Linnet & Siskin
    Whooper Swan over Elworth & Wistaston

  6. John
    27th January 2020

    Sparrowhawk – Dunwoody Way, Crewe

    One circled, gaining height, then shot into the trees alongside the Entertainment Park off Dunwoody Way this morning

  7. Mike&Andy
    24th January 2020

    At Doddington this afternoon, 11 Goldeneye ,37 Wigeon,4 Pochard ,4 Shovelers and 5 Little Grebes.

  8. Derek Owen
    22nd January 2020

    6 Whooper Swans flew over Wistaston at 3.30 pm heading North West.

  9. John
    21st January 2020

    SWaBBS Meremoor Moss this morning

    Leucitic Greylag Goose, Stock Dove, Snipe, Green Sandpiper, Sparrowhawk, female Kestrel, Raven heard, Song & Mistle Thrush, male & female Stonechat, Bullfinch, Greenfinch, Linnet. Sadly no Kingfisher!

  10. Mike&Andy
    20th January 2020

    At Lea Forge this morning,4 Siskins,a pair of Bullfinches,25 Linnets and not much else!

  11. John
    20th January 2020

    13 – 19 Jan
    EHF/PHF: Black Swan, Pintail, Goosander, Water Rail, L Grebe, Bl-t Godwit, Snipe, Green Sandpiper, Redshank, Common, GB-b & Y-l Gull, L Egret, Sparrowhawk, Kingfisher, Raven
    Canal towpath: Pink-footed Geese, Sparrowhawk, Tree Sparrow, Brambling, Yellowhammer, Reed Bunting
    FF: Woodcock
    Astbury Mere CP: Pochard, Goosander, L Grebe, Common & GBB Gull, Sparrowhawk, Kingfisher, Kestrel, Grey Wagtail, Bullfinch
    Borrow Pit M/Salt Line: Goosander, Tawny Owl
    Checkley: Peregrine
    Doddington: Mandarin, Shoveler, Pochard, Goldeneye, L Grebe
    Mow Cop: Pink-footed Geese (skeins)
    Wybunbury Moss: Sparrowhawk, Jay, Raven, Song & Mistle Thrush, Green & Bullfinch

  12. John
    19th January 2020

    Quakers Coppice this morning – 7:30 – 10:30
    Admittedly, a ‘half-hearted’ attempt at an optional SWaBBS night visit!
    A preoccupied female GS Woodpecker and a pair of noisy Nuthatch were the only species of note. Across University Way, in the direction of Crewe Hall / Woods, I could hear a large corvid flock/roost which had one or two Raven in.

  13. John
    18th January 2020

    SWaBBS on Macon Meadows:
    The overnight frost helped me this morning – I’ve never seen so many Moorhen out in the open here before!
    A mixed flock of thrushes ( 40 Redwing plus 2 Song Thrush ) and finches ( Chaffinch and Goldfinch plus 1 Greenfinch ) foraging through the leaf-litter was a welcome sight as was a marauding male Sparrowhawk.

  14. Mike&Andy
    16th January 2020

    No highlight birds at Wybunbury Moss this morning but a decent list included,Goldcrests,Ravens,Greenfinches,Bullfinches,Jays,Song and Mistle Thrush,Nuthatches,Coal Tit and a male Sparrowhawk.Only a Shoveler different at Doddington with Goldeneye on double figures.

  15. John
    15th January 2020

    SWaBBS, lunchtime at Roe Park:
    Ravens and Buzzards displaying.
    Only other notable species was 2 Treecreepers in what appeared to be in a fight!

  16. Lynn Turner
    15th January 2020

    15/1/20 Checkley Lane near railway. I am pretty sure the two birds of prey rolling and calling high up in a clear sky tonight at 3:30 were peregrine falcons.

  17. Mike& Andy
    13th January 2020

    2 male Mandarin at Doddington this morning but apart from Goldeneyes and Little Grebes,just 1 Pochard and 1 Teal of any note on the main lake.A very poor winter,so far.

  18. John
    13th January 2020

    6 – 12 Jan
    EHF/PHF: Pink-footed Geese, Pintail, Goosander, Water Rail, Curlew, Bl-t Godwit, Snipe, Green Sandpiper, Redshank, L Egret, Peregrine, Raven
    MGT/RF: Iceland Gull, Peregrine, Stonechat, Meadow Pipit
    Canal towpath: Pink-footed Geese, Sparrowhawk, Merlin, Tree Sparrow, Brambling, Yellowhammer, Reed Bunting
    CF: L Egret
    FF: Goosander, L Grebe, Woodcock, Sparrowhawk, Jay
    Set-aside: Chaffinch, Linnet
    Astbury Mere CP: Goosander, L & GC Grebe, Sparrowhawk, Tawny Owl, Siskin
    Bagmere: Water Rail, Starling murmuration, Meadow Pipit
    Borrow Pit M/Salt Line: Goosander, Song Thrush
    Brereton Heath LNR: Goosander, Mistle Thrush
    Congleton: Tawny Owl, Dipper, Grey Wagtail
    David Whitby Way: Barn Owl
    Doddington: Pink-footed Goose, Goldeneye, Kestrel, Raven
    Rode Heath: Stonechat

  19. John
    12th January 2020

    Dippers – Dane-in-Shaw, Congleton. One bird seen on pebble island below weir mid-morning.
    After spending a couple of minutes calling, dipping and ‘drinking’ at the waters edge, it was joined by a second bird. Within seconds of it arriving the first bird started displaying to the other – standing upright, throws head back, pointing bill upwards, and turns head slowly from side to side with white breast plumage ruffled; lowers and fans tail, and half-spreads wings, pointing them sideways or upwards; wings quivering and flickering.
    This went on for roughly a minute before both birds flew off together.
    BWP describes “Advertising-displaying” and “Antagonistic Behaviour” and they are very similar. I was so chuffed with what I was observing, together with it only lasting for a short time I am not sure if it was a pair or two rival males! I’ll have to go back for another look.
    After recent heavy rain, the water level was high and faster flowing than I’ve seen it. Also seen there – Grey Wagtail

  20. Peter
    10th January 2020

    BARN OWL along David Whitby Way, Crewe 10.00pm – returning from an excellent photo talk at our monthly SECOS indoor meeting.

  21. Colin
    9th January 2020

    I had not heard a song thrush so far this winter until this morning when four were singing at the Borrow Pit Meadows. Also a pair of goosander on the pool.

  22. Mike&Andy
    7th January 2020

    A lone Pink- footed Goose at Doddington this morning and apart from Goldeneye,3 Wigeon and Tufted Duck,still very quiet.4 Ravens together looked to be having fun and a kestrel was duly noted.Fieldfare and Redwings showing everywhere locally and this morning 200 in a mixed flock as well as 85 Lapwing.

  23. John
    6th January 2020

    30 Dec -5 Jan
    EHF/PHF: Gadwall, Pintail, Goosander, Water Rail, L & GC Grebe, Curlew, Bl-t Godwit, Snipe, Redshank, Mediterranean, Common & Y-l Gull, L Egret, Sparrowhawk, Kestrel, Merlin, Chiffchaff
    MGT/RF: L Egret, Snipe, Kingfisher, Kestrel, Peregrine, Stonechat, Grey Wagtail, Meadow Pipit, Reed Bunting
    CF: L Egret
    FF: Woodcock, Tawny Owl, L Redpoll
    Astbury Mere CP: Pochard, Goosander, L Grebe, Tawny Owl, Kestrel, Peregrine, Chiffchaff, Grey Wagtail
    Bent Ln, Congleton: Stock Dove, Yellowhammer, Reed Bunting
    The Cloud: Tawny Owl, Raven, Meadow Pipit, Siskin
    Congleton: Goosander, Dipper, Grey Wagtail
    Doddington: Egyptian Goose, Shoveler, Pochard, Goldeneye, Mistle Thrush
    Rode Heath: Stonechat

  24. Mike&Andy
    5th January 2020

    A single Egyptian Goose at Doddington this afternoon .

  25. Colin
    3rd January 2020

    A glorious sunny day at Doddington. tufted 86; pochard 6; goldeneye 14; teal 2; oh and 600 mallard!; a flock of fieldfare 65; redwing 7; starling 50; goldfinch 20; mistle thrush 1. Also 2 red-legged partridge across the main road

  26. Pam Henderson
    2nd January 2020

    1/1/2020 Grey Wagtail, Male Goosander and Dipper on river Dane in Congleton.

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