Your Garden – March 2021

Posts about sightings in your garden during the coronavirus restrictions period.


  1. Mick
    27th March 2021

    In my garden this week pair of Siskin and a Chiffchaff.

  2. Nigel Henderson
    27th March 2021

    Congleton: Somerset Close: ♀ Siskin on the feeders. Also here esterday. We presume i is he same one but one ♀ Siskin looks ver much like anoher to me.

    25th March 2021

    25th March
    Chiffchaff has returned today to the rear garden singing away, also Song Thrush here from late afternoon.
    Goldfinch, Blue Tit and House Sparrow on feeders.
    Birds are just coming back to the garden again after having some work done in the garden.

  4. Dave Winnington
    25th March 2021

    Rodeheath 2 Oystercatchers over our house

  5. John
    23rd March 2021

    I believe that from 29th I can spend more time in the local countryside AND take a packed lunch!

    I’ve rinsed my flask & butty box and this afternoon while in the garden brushing the cobwebs off my boots, a Chiffchaff was singing in the hedge.

  6. Nigel Henderson
    20th March 2021

    Congleton: Somerset Close: ♀ Blackcap – presumably the same one that has been here all winter.

    Ed. An interesting game of ping-pong between Peter and Nigel

  7. Peter
    19th March 2021

    pair of Siskin today along with male Brambling as well as our long-staying female Blackcap.
    We have Carrion Crow visiting the garden most days … other corvids are regular flyovers, especially Rooks with two rookeries nearby, but over the last couple of days Rooks have been in the garden and even on our feeders.

    Ed> Bramling photo is in our gallery at

  8. Nigel Henderson
    18th March 2021

    Congleton: Somerset Close: ♂ ♀ Siskin – this is quite late in the year for Siskins in our garden, or perhaps we are just keeping a closer eye on the feeders.

  9. John
    18th March 2021

    This week in my garden: Robin and Blackbird collecting nesting material.
    Also, yesterday afternoon I heard a commotion – the 2 resident Magpies were noisier than usual. The neighbour’s cat was edging towards their recently restored nest at the top of the tree. While watching them trying to distract the cat by flicking amongst the branches, just out of reach of the cat, 6 Starling flew into the same tree shortly followed by 4 more. Were they, too, trying to distract the cat?

  10. Peter
    16th March 2021

    pair of Brambling in the garden this damp morning

  11. Nigel Henderson
    11th March 2021

    Congleton: Somerset Close: Goldcrest in the conifers.

  12. Peter
    8th March 2021

    our long-staying female Blackcap joined by a male again this morning

  13. Nigel Henderson
    4th March 2021

    Congleton: Somerset Close: Male and female siskin on the feeders (also last Sunday). Goldcrest in the conifers.

  14. Colin
    3rd March 2021

    A robin on 03/03, the first since my resident robin departed this life in the January frosts. Is it a replacement or is it the other half of the breeding pair that spends the winter separately and has just returned wondering where its mate is? Only it will know!

  15. John
    1st March 2021

    male & female Siskin this lunchtime

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