January 2022 Sightings

Details of January sightings compiled by John Thompson will appear on the Monthly Sightings page.


  1. John
    31st January 2022

    24 – 30 Jan
    EHF/PHF: Pintail, Water Rail, Oystercatcher, Bl-t Godwit, Green Sandpiper, Iceland & Y-l Gull, Great W & L Egret, Chiffchaff, Reed Bunting
    MGT/RF: Jack & Common Snipe, Iceland & Y-l Gull, Great W & L Egret, Kestrel, Peregrine
    CF: Oystercatcher
    GF: Cetti’s Warbler
    Astbury Mere: Shoveler, Gadwall, Goldeneye, Goosander, L Grebe, Kingfisher
    Borrow Pit Meadows: Goosander
    Congleton Park/Town: Goosander, Kingfisher, Dipper, Grey Wagtail
    Doddington: Oystercatcher, L Owl
    Meremoor Moss: Snipe, Stonechat
    Queens Park: Barnacle Goose, Mandarin, Goosander
    Rode Heath: Yellowhammer, Reed Bunting
    Wybunbury Moss: Coal Tit, Greenfinch, L Redpoll, Siskin

  2. Colin
    31st January 2022

    At Doddington this morning, still very windy and cold after Storm Corrie blew through in the night and most ducks were sheltering. 136 lapwing were on the floodwater in the big stubble field and amongst them was one dunlin. The other two birds of note were a male pintail and a male wigeon , both on the bank close by.

  3. Nigel Henderson
    30th January 2022

    Mistle Thrush
    River Dane
    Goosander ♂ ♀
    Grey Wagtail

  4. Glyn Jones
    28th January 2022

    28th January 2022
    Borrow Pit Meadows – 1330
    30+ Redwings still with one or two Fieldfares on newly sown field.
    2 Song Thrushes and M&F Goosanders on pool

  5. John
    28th January 2022

    Late morning visit to Meremoor Moss & environs. Birds heard singing include: Skylark, Mistle Thrush, Greenfinch and Siskin. Other birds of note: Snipe flushed from the brook, Rook overhead, Stonechat – possibly 3 males & 2 females.
    On the neighbouring fishery, 2 Muscovy Duck and with the Greylag, a slightly larger, white goose which had grey cheeks and a grey edge to its primaries.

  6. Mike&Andy
    27th January 2022

    Two Oystercatchers were new in at Doddington this afternoon.

  7. John
    26th January 2022

    A SWaBBS visit to Queens Park, Crewe this morning: birds of note: –
    a Barnacle Goose ( no yellow spiral or ring ) with Canadas; a pair of Mandarin Duck, a female Goosander, Coal Tit, Goldcrest, Song & Mistle Thrush. I couldn’t spot anything ‘different’ in the gulls.
    I spoke to two people who were looking for the ‘resident’ Little Owl. I’ve dipped on the bird when I visiting there. Both said that it had been seen this month.

  8. Glyn Jones
    25th January 2022

    25th January 2021 – 1330
    Borrow Pit Meadows pool
    3 F 2 M Goosanders and Black-headed Gull.
    We don’t get many gulls here!!!!

  9. Glyn Jones
    24th January 2022

    24th January 2021 – 1145
    Borrow Pit Meadows
    100+ Redwings with a few Fieldfare in newly sown grass field but still very touchy, slightest movement or noise and they fly.

  10. John
    24th January 2022

    17 – 23 Jan
    EHF/PHF: Mandarin, Gadwall, Pintail, Goosander, Curlew, Bl-t Godwit, Snipe, Common, Iceland & Y-l Gull, Great W & L Egret, Sparrowhawk, Peregrine, Grey Wagtail
    MGT/RF: Pintail, Jack & Common Snipe, Iceland Gull, Great W & L Egret, Stonechat, Meadow Pipit
    FF/towpath: Woodcock (5)
    Green Ln: Tree Sparrow
    GF: Cetti’s Warbler
    Astbury: Skylark, Yellowhammer
    Astbury Mere: Shoveler, Gadwall, Pintail, Pochard, Goldeneye, Goosander, L Grebe, Common Gull, Kingfisher, L Redpoll, Siskin
    Congleton Park/Town: Goosander, L Egret, Kingfisher, Dipper, Grey Wagtail
    Doddington: Gadwall, Pochard, Goldeneye, Raven
    Middlewich/Lime Beds: Woodcock (4), Green Sandpiper, Peregrine, Skylark, Stonechat
    Mow Cop: Woodcock, Jack & Common Snipe, Siskin
    Queens Park: Goosander
    Rode Heath: Egyptian Goose, Buzzard (9), Green Woodpecker
    Rode Pool: Mandarin, Goosander, Woodcock, Great W Egret, Siskin
    Wallhill/Astbury: Peregrine
    Wheelock: Barn Owl
    Wybunbury Moss: Raven

  11. Pam Henderson
    22nd January 2022

    Friday 21-Jan-2022
    Park: Redwing; 2 x Mistle Thrush
    River Dane: 6 x Goosander ♀; Kingfisher; 2 x Dipper

  12. Nigel Henderson
    22nd January 2022

    Park: Redwing; 2 x Mistle Thrush
    River Dane: Goosander ♀; Grey Wagtail; 2 x Dipper

  13. Colin & Andy
    21st January 2022

    A WeBS count at Doddington this morning gave canada goose 210, tufted 105, pochard 37, shoveler 20, goldeney 9, gadwall 2, little grebe 15, coot 290, lapwing 114, plus 2 ravens over.

  14. John
    20th January 2022

    A SWaBBS visit to Quakers Coppice after lunch today: only a couple of dog walkers and the feeders looked well stocked. Female GS Woodpecker on the fat balls and Nuthatch on the peanuts. Stock Doves & Jackdaws pairing up, c35 Redwing in the leaf-litter. Plus, a couple of Coal Tits and Bullfinch, plus parties of Long-tailed Tits, Linnets, Goldfinch and c15 L Redpoll also noted.
    In the nearby Crewe Business Park 2 pairs of Bullfinch were the only species of note.

  15. Dave Winnington
    20th January 2022

    Rodeheath Second field off old Knutsford road Green Woodpecker in flight
    heading towards cricket ground

  16. Nigel Henderson
    19th January 2022

    Mistle Thrush Perched in a tree; also 1 on the field.
    River Dane – Dane Street riverside walk
    Little Egret Perched then flying upstream. The first sighting for “our” stretch of the Dane.
    Dipper Seen from the road bridge. Standing, swimming and flying

  17. Colin
    18th January 2022

    At Rode Pool this morning the water was 80% frozen but in the field across Poolside as well as the usual 2 egyptian geese and 9 buzzards there was a very large flock of around 200 redwing feeding in the field. Also a woodcock and then 15 siskin in the woods.

  18. Glyn Jones
    18th January 2022

    18th January 2022
    Queen’s Park Crewe – 1400
    Lake partial frozen over.
    7 Mute Swans, 3 F Goosanders, 2 Common Buzzards, and a rarity for the park, M & F Tufted Ducks!

  19. Nigel Henderson
    18th January 2022

    Mistle Thrush x2
    River Dane
    Kingfisher Flying downstream from the Rood Hill road bridge
    Goosander ♀

  20. John
    17th January 2022

    10 – 16 Jan
    EHF/PHF: Pintail, Pochard, Water Rail, Curlew, Bl-t Godwit, Mediterranean & Y-l Gull, L Egret, Merlin, Rook, Greenfinch
    MGT/RF: Pink-footed Goose, Snipe, Gb-b & Iceland Gull, L Egret, Marsh Harrier, Merlin, Skylark, Cetti’s Warbler, Stonechat, Meadow Pipit, Bullfinch
    FF/towpath: Woodcock (3)
    Astbury: Skylark, Yellowhammer
    Astbury Mere: Shoveler, Pintail, Pochard, Goldeneye, Goosander, L Grebe, Tawny Owl, Kingfisher, Siskin
    Congleton Park/Town: Goosander, Dipper, Grey Wagtail
    Doddington: Pochard, Snipe, Bl-t Diver
    Gr Moreton Hall: Great W Egret
    Meremoor Moss: Great W Egret, Kestrel, Jay, Chiffchaff, Greenfinch
    Middlewich: Woodcock
    Rode Heath: Egyptian Goose, L Egret, Buzzard (c14),
    Rode Pool: Mandarin, Goosander, Great W & L Egret, Snipe, Kingfisher, Raven
    Wybunbury Moss: Raven, Brambling, Greenfinch, L Redpoll, Siskin

  21. John
    15th January 2022

    Macon Meadows this morning: not one, but two, Kingfishers! Their interaction didn’t look friendly; one appeared to be trying to move the other on. I’ll check my refence books to see if they have an explanation. Birds of note; first female, then a male, Sparrowhawk zipping through the trees. Also 2 male & 2 female Bullfinch in the same tree

  22. John
    14th January 2022

    Meremoor Moss this morning. Birds of note: – Great W Egret, Kestrel, Jay, Rook Coal Tit, Bullfinch, Greenfinch & Linnet.
    While trying to see if any other species was in the finch flock ( mainly Siskin ), I saw 2 Chiffchaff and a Goldcrest.
    While walking across the moss, a Stoat ran out from cover across the field towards a drainage ditch!

  23. Colin
    14th January 2022

    A lovely sunny morning at Doddington – in two coats plus a bob hat and thick gloves!! The best birds I guess were 3 snipe on the island and a good selection of ducks on the water including 3 shelduck but pochard numbers were down to 29, although still a good count.

  24. John
    14th January 2022

    Wybunbury Moss yesterday morning: pairs of Jackdaw staking claims on the holes in the trees plus at least 3, poss. 4, GS Woodpecker flying around & chattering – presumably a territorial dispute? Jay, Song Thrush belting out, Mistle Thrush rattling, 14 Meadow Pipit on telegraph wire, Greenfinch, Linnet, L Redpoll & Siskin also noted

  25. Mick Ball
    12th January 2022

    flock of c40 Pink-footed Geese flew over Alsager at 13.30 heading northwest.

  26. Terry
    12th January 2022

    Wheelock Rail Trail half way between the bypass and the Iron Bridge.

    Second sighting this year in the same place.

  27. Colin
    11th January 2022

    At Rode Pool this morning, in the field across Poolside 3 little egrets, 2 egyptian geese and at least 14 buzzards. On the water a great white egret, another little egret, 2 shelduck, 3 goosander, 5 mandarin, 1 kingfisher, 9 snipe and 3 ravens together low over the cricket field.

  28. John
    10th January 2022

    3 – 9 Jan
    EHF/PHF: Pink-footed Goose, Mandarin, Pintail, Goldeneye, Water Rail, Golden Plover, Curlew, Bl-t Godwit, Dunlin, L Egret, Rook, Raven, Greenfinch
    MGT/RF: Pink-footed Goose, Snipe, L Egret, Hen Harrier, Cetti’s Warbler, Stonechat, Tree Sparrow
    CF: Little Egret
    FF/towpath: Woodcock (8), Tawny Owl
    GF: Water Rail, Cetti’s Warbler
    RLP: Cetti’s Warbler
    Rookery Br: Kingfisher, Grey Wagtail, Linnet
    Astbury Mere: Shoveler, Pochard, Goldeneye, L Grebe, Common Gull, Grey Wagtail, L Redpoll, Siskin
    Barthomley: Great W Egret
    Borrow Pit Meadow: Jay, Redwing, Song Thrush
    Brereton: Barn Owl
    Checkley: Grey & R-l Partridge, Stock Dove, Kestrel, Raven, Brambling, Greenfinch, Yellowhammer & Reed Bunting
    Congleton Park/Town: Goosander, Mistle Thrush, Dipper, Grey Wagtail
    Doddington: Egyptian Goose, Pochard, Goldeneye, L Grebe, Snipe, Common Gull
    Lawton Woods/Lake: Mandarin, Goosander, L Grebe, Woodcock, Dipper
    Lea Forge: Woodcock
    Meremoor Moss: Med Gull
    Middlewich Lime Beds: Jack Snipe, Green Sandpiper
    Queens Park: Barnacle Goose, Mandarin, Goosander, Siskin

  29. Mike&Andy
    9th January 2022

    A decent mornings birding,starting off Checkley Lane for 2 Grey Partridge,dozens of Red-legged,Brambling,Greenfinch and Stock Dove.At Doddington,16 Goldeneye,37 Pochard,12 Wigeon,5 Teal,3 Egyptian Geese in the back field by the units,Shelduck,9 Little Grebe,71 Tufted Duck 90 Greylags and a single Snipe.

  30. Nigel Henderson
    7th January 2022

    Congleton park – field
    Mistle Thrush
    River Dane – riverside walk
    Goosander ♂ ♀; also ♀ in the park
    River Dane – Steamboat car park
    Grey Wagtail
    Dipper 2 flying

  31. Mike&Andy
    6th January 2022

    Still quiet at at Doddington but 3 Snipe on the island were a bonus,also 14 Goldeneye,27 Pochard,5 Shoveler,8 Little Grebes and a single Common Gull. At Lea Forge,we flushed a Woodcock, this morning.

  32. Dave Winnington
    6th January 2022

    Church Lawton lake Dipper from causeway on stream 3 Goosander 2 m 4 Little Grebe 3 Mandarin 2 m

  33. Glyn Jones
    5th January 2022

    5th January 2021
    Borrow Pit Meadows – 1145
    25+ Redwing again but very edgy, any noise or movement and they fly plus 2 Jays in newly sown field

  34. Nigel Henderson
    4th January 2022

    Congleton: River Dane: Goosander female; Grey Wagtail

  35. Glyn Jones
    3rd January 2022

    3rd January 2021
    Borrow Pit Meadows – 1130
    No sign of Redwings or Blackbirds in newly sown field.
    Very quiet, 15 Mallards on pool and a Song Thrush singing from a tree.

  36. John
    3rd January 2022

    27 Dec – 2 Jan
    EHF/PHF: Pink-footed Goose, Gadwall, Pintail, Pochard, Goldeneye, Goosander, L & GC Grebe, Golden Plover, Curlew, Bl-t Godwit, Dunlin, Redshank, L Egret, Peregrine, Rook, Raven, Grey Wagtail, Brambling
    MGT/RF: Woodcock, Snipe, Skylark, Tree Sparrow, Stonechat, Meadow Pipit
    FF/towpath: Goosander, Woodcock (1), Kingfisher, Tawny Owl, L Redpoll, Siskin
    Rookery Br: Stonechat, Linnet
    Lakemore Fishery: L Egret
    Alsager: Kestrel, Linnet, Siskin, Yellowhammer,
    Astbury Mere: Mandarin, Shoveler, Pochard, Goldeneye, L Grebe, Common & G B-b Gull, Kingfisher, Grey Wagtail, Bullfinch, L Redpoll, Siskin
    Brownlow/Wallhill: Shelduck, Grey Wagtail
    Checkley: Grey & R-l Partridge, Brambling, Yellowhammer & Reed Bunting
    Congleton Bathvale: Dipper, Grey Wagtail
    Congleton Park/Town: Goosander, Mistle Thrush, Dipper, Siskin
    Doddington: Pochard, Goldeneye, L Grebe, Kestrel
    Lawton Woods/Lake: Mandarin, Goosander, L Grebe
    Meremoor Moss: Snipe, Peregrine, Skylark, Bullfinch, Siskin
    Queens Park: Mandarin, Goosander, Mistle Thrush
    Redesmere: Great W Egret
    Rode Heath: Egyptian Goose, L Egret, Buzzard (15+)
    Rode Pool: Great W & L Egret

  37. Nigel Henderson
    3rd January 2022

    A happy new year to all our readers. New year, new bird list.
    Congleton: River Dane 5 Goosander, 3 males, 2 females; 2 Dippers
    Park: 3 Mistle thrushes, several Redwing, 1 Fieldfare, 1 Nuthatch

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