May 2023 Sightings

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  1. Glyn Jones
    31st May 2023

    Borrow Pit Meadows – 1430
    2 Common Whitethroats, Chiffchaff, plus female Teal still on pool
    also Kingfisher briefly seen flying along pool and over trees, first sighting here for some time

  2. Nigel Henderson
    31st May 2023

    Juvenile dipper seen on the Dane in Congleton, so this is proof of breeding even by my standards. Also kingfisher and grey wagtail.

  3. Mike&Andy
    30th May 2023

    Reed Warblers singing in the usual corner of the lemon pool at Doddington this morning with 3 showing and a Garden Warbler also in song by the fisherman’s hut but not seen.2 Whitethroat in the brambles.Around the main pool,50 Swifts over,a pair of Reed Buntings,Oystercatchers possibly on a nest in the new crop field,6 Red-legged Partridge and a male Mandarin on the edge of the wood.

  4. Colin
    28th May 2023

    Just back from holiday and hoping for good news from Peter who is monitoring the active mandarin box at Rode Pool. Sadly it’s a disaster with 16 of the 17 eggs taken, probably by crows. Another three boxes have had eggs laid but not incubated so it looks like a blank year for mandarin production at Rode Pool this year.

  5. Mike&Andy
    24th May 2023

    At least one,possibly two Sedge Warblers in the sailing club at Doddington this morning.

  6. Glyn Jones
    23rd May 2023

    Borrow Pit Meadows – 1130

    Common Whitethroat, Song Thrush, and 2 Swifts over,
    and on pool 2 Canada Geese, 3 Tufted Ducks, 2 M & 1F and still female Teal

    Nantwich Lake – 1445

    15 Canada Geese with two broods of 4 and 5 goslings, many Mallards with two broods of 7 and 8 ducklings, 2 Common Whitethroats and 1 Mute Swan.
    Dog walker was telling me that last week there were 8 cygnets with the swans, but I didn’t see any!!!

  7. Glyn Jones
    22nd May 2023

    Queen’s Park Crewe – 1430

    30+ Canada Geese with 3 broods of 4, 5 and 6 goslings, 2 mute Swans with a family four very young cygnets,
    and Nuthatches feeding young at the old GSW nest site.

  8. Glyn Jones
    19th May 2023

    Over Frank Webb Avenue and Badger Avenue crossroads area – 2000
    25+ Swifts

    Over Underwood Lane and Selworthy Drive junction – 2000
    only 2 Swifts!!!

  9. Mike&Andy
    19th May 2023

    Initially 1 Hobby over the pool at Doddington this afternoon,then 2 together over the unit road.Also Red Kite high over the hall and the hat trick completed with a Sparrowhawk mobbed by Crows.Just a male Shoveler new on the water.

  10. Colin
    18th May 2023

    3 cetti’s warblers and 2 sedge warblers singing at Meremoor Moss fishing pools this morning

  11. Glyn Jones
    15th May 2023

    Borrow Pit Meadows – 1530

    30+ mix flock of House Martins, Swifts and Swallows over top field

  12. SECOSeditor
    12th May 2023

    Katie Black

    Otter in river dane congleton. 13th may 2023

  13. Glyn Jones
    9th May 2023

    Crewe – over Badger Avenue and Frank Webb Avenue crossroads – 1230

    12+ Swifts

  14. Glyn Jones
    8th May 2023

    Borrow Pit Meadows – 1400
    Two pairs of Greylag Geese, 4 goslings with one pair and single gosling with the other pair, female Teal still, pair of Tufted Ducks all the pool
    also male Reed Bunting

  15. Jean Harrison
    8th May 2023

    May 6th- Borrow pit, Alsager. Male Reed bunting in hawthorn adjacent to reed bed.

  16. Mike
    2nd May 2023

    2 Grey Partridge along the track opposite the entrance to Doddington Hall, this morning,also 2 Common Sandpipers.

  17. Nigel Henderson
    2nd May 2023

    Congleton: Riverside walk: Grey Wagtail; Dipper Park: Goosander female

    We have seen a Goosander female with six young, then five and then three. Pam saw the female above the weir just downstream of the park, with the third downy young at the bottom of weir unable to join its siblings.

  18. Glyn Jones
    1st May 2023

    Borrow Pit Meadows – 1200
    30+ mixed flock of Swallows and House Martins over top field also Common Buzzard

  19. Pam Henderson
    1st May 2023

    On the river between Rood Hill and Congleton park, saw Dipper and Kingfisher. In the park saw Kingfisher and female Blackcap where Dane-in-Shaw (Tommy’s) brook comes in. Also saw Treecreeper, Nuthatch and Mistle Thrush in the park.

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