January 2019 Sightings

Details of January sightings compiled by John Thompson will appear on the Monthly Sightings page.


  1. John
    1st February 2019

    Bagmere Starling murmuration –
    not the best conditions to watch the murmuration yesterday afternoon! Some of the flock were roosting in the trees on the Moss as well as the reeds.
    Uncertain how long they will continue to come here as the reedbed compacts under their weight?
    If you’re planning on going, make it sooner than later

  2. Mike&Andy
    31st January 2019

    Mostly frozen at Doddington this morning but still 1 Pinkfoot swimming with a Barnacle Goose,75 Teal,Peregrine on the edge of the wood again and a few Common Gulls left over from the roost.No real change for Goldeneye and Shovelers.

  3. Mike&Andy
    29th January 2019

    Two male and one female Mandarin in courtship display at Doddington this morning.Not too far from your nest box Colin!

  4. Mike&Andy
    28th January 2019

    The first Oystercatcher back at Doddington this morning and a Peregrine was perched up on the edge of the wood.Also 5 Snipe,8 Goldeneye,21 Shoveler.Pochard and 61 Tufted Duck.Geese were on the move in and out but when around 190 Greylags settled we picked out 2 Pink-footed Geese,one of which flew soon after.

  5. Mike&Andy
    26th January 2019

    Just a single Siskin of note in the mixed Tit flock at Lea Forge this morning.

  6. Mike&Jenny
    25th January 2019

    Two Marsh Tits in a mixed Tit flock that passed through at Lea Forge this afternoon.

  7. John
    24th January 2019

    SWaBBS on Macon Meadows this afternoon:
    Sparrowhawk hunting, Buzzard ‘cruising’, Water Rail called ( from same area I heard it on a previous visit ) and Peregrine on comms tower behind Mannin House.
    Nice to connect with Greenfinch again too

  8. Sylvia Jarvis
    22nd January 2019

    I don’t believe I missed it !!!

  9. Peter
    22nd January 2019

    BARN OWL along David Whitby Way, Crewe at 10.00pm Monday eve and ANOTHER opposite the sand quarry entrance on the A51 at Walgherton.

  10. Mike Tonks
    22nd January 2019

    Male blackcap feeding on the fatballs in our Elworth garden this morning. A first for the year and a first for the garden!

  11. John
    21st January 2019

    Marsh Tit – Wybunbury Moss.
    SWaBBS this morning: 2 Marsh Tit back on territory!
    Great Spotted Woodpecker drumming, Song Thrush singing.

  12. John
    20th January 2019

    Brambling – Bath Vale, Congleton. ♂ & ♀ reported – ( per Tom Davison )

  13. John
    17th January 2019

    Elton Hall Flash: Whooper Swan this afternoon

  14. John
    17th January 2019

    SWaBBS – Meremoor Moss: relatively quiet at lunchtime. Displaying Buzzard, pair of hunting Kestrel, Raven heard in distance, pair of Stonechat, 4 Bullfinch & Greenfinch calling. 100c of Fieldfare & Redwing + 100c Starling in a feeding concentration on the Moss

  15. Mike&Andy
    16th January 2019

    Yesterday off Checkley Lane at least 7 Yellowhammers,6 Brambling,2 Reed Buntings,Greenfinches,Sparrowhawk and 30 Skylarks.At Doddington another Sparrowhawk,8 Goldeneyes,female Gadwall and 15 Teal.

  16. John
    12th January 2019

    Macon Meadows this morning – Kingfisher, Buzzard & immature Sparrowhawk only things of note

  17. Mike&Andy
    12th January 2019

    Unnaturally quiet on the water at Doddington this morning with only Goldeneye and a single Wigeon of note.Along the drive to the units were Greenfinch,Linnets and a male Kestrel.Last Sunday we had a Peregrine through and a Shelduck and midweek two female Reed Buntings.Once again around 600 Lapwings in the air.

  18. Colin
    11th January 2019

    At Doddington this morning, very similar birds to last week with the addition of a male Speckled Teal of the race Yellow-billed Teal Anas flavirostris flavirostris I guess it’s out of a collection since it’s range is southern South America.

  19. Peter
    10th January 2019

    Early morning flight … Barn Owl opposite Bridgemere 4am today

  20. Terry Hughes
    7th January 2019

    Female Lesser Spotted Woodpecker. Wheelock Rail Trail. She was on a tree stump by the steps going down from Lightley Close. I stood in the rain and watched her for a good 5 minutes. Didn’t want to get my new camera wet so no photo – yet.

  21. Colin
    5th January 2019

    Some good, although distant, displays from the starlings as they came in to roost at Bagmere NR this evening. Impossible to count but we (me, Kate, Brian) guessed in the order of 10,000; started to arrive at 15-45 and by 16-20 they had all gone to bed!

  22. Colin & Sylvia
    4th January 2019

    At Doddington this morning; 52 mute swan, 65 tufted, 18 shoveler, 9 goldeneye, 8 pochard, 2 wigeon, plus 1 snipe flushed from the juncus.

  23. Mike&Andy
    3rd January 2019

    Red Kite low over Lea Forge this morning,also Goldcrest,Red legged Partridge,Mistle and Song Thrush.The last few visits to Doddington gave 12 Shoveler, low counts of Goldeneye,Pochard,Teal,Wigeon and Little Grebe.Around the pool were 5 Skylarks,Linnets,Raven,Jays,G.S. Woodpecker,Mistle Thrush,Coal Tits,Nuthatch and the impressive Lapwing flock dominated the skyline.

  24. Peter
    1st January 2019

    first bird of 2019 … BARN OWL … along the Haslington Bypass between Elton Lane and Clay Lane sitting on top of a footpath signpost at 12.30am

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