February 2019 Sightings

Details of February sightings compiled by John Thompson will appear on the Monthly Sightings page.


  1. Mike&Andy
    25th February 2019

    Peregrine over the wood at Doddington this morning,little other change with Shelduck at 9 and Gadwall at 4 but a Treecreeper was different.

  2. John
    25th February 2019

    Chiffchaff singing on 2 occasions this morning during the RSPB / NE / RBBP Willow Tit Survey [ along the canal at Wheelock and Wheelock Rail Trail ].
    First was along the canal from Wheelock before you reach football pitch; the second was just past road bridge to Wheelock Sewage Treatment Works.
    Also male Blackcap ( seen in the ivy – not heard )

  3. Nigel Henderson
    23rd February 2019

    River Dane – Congleton, between Aldi and the park. Grey Wagtail, Dipper and male Goosander (all 7:50am)

  4. Colin
    22nd February 2019

    No pintail seen at Doddington this morning but 3 gadwall still there and shelduck numbers up to 7. Also 47 shoveler and 7 oystercatcher as 3 more flew in.
    Off Checkley Lane path I had 1 skylark and 1 raven and in the old maize crop 4 yellowhammer, 4 reed bunting, 2 chaffinch and 6 house sparrow.

  5. Mike&Andy
    19th February 2019

    No Tornados at Doddington this morning,unfortunately,but we did manage 2 male Pintail,2 female,1 male Gadwall,3 Shelduck and numbers of Goldeneye and Shoveler maintained.

  6. Peter
    19th February 2019

    Interesting fly over at RSPB Burton Mere Wetlands today … three RAF Tornados on their retirement ‘lap of honour’

  7. Mike Tonks
    18th February 2019

    Checkley Lane this morning: Skylark (2 singing), Raven (2 perched at top of pylon), Red-legged Partridge (many), Buzzard (3), Sparrowhawk (1), Kestrel (2 perched on wires), Fieldfare (many), Redwing (many), Greenfinch (1), Siskin (1 male), Linnet (c50).

  8. Mike&Andy
    17th February 2019

    A few more year ticks for Doddington this morning with male and female Gadwall and a flyover Goosander.Also 3 Shelduck,38 Shoveler,5 Oystercatcher,pair of Reed Buntings, but only 8 Goldeneye,this time last year we were recording three times as many!

  9. Mike&Andy
    15th February 2019

    The past few days at Doddington have given a male Pintail,9 Goldeneyes,10 Wigeon,3 Teal,25 Shoveler,Little Grebes,50 Lapwing,3 Meadow Pipits,Kestrel,G.S.Woodpecker,Nuthatch,Common Gull ,Oystercatchers and Red-legged Partridge.Off Checkley Lane yesterday a good count of 12 Yellowhammers,Reed Bunting,Kestrel,Song Thrush and still scores of released Red-legged Partridge.

  10. John
    15th February 2019

    SWaBBS on Meremoor Moss this lunchtime:
    Green Sandpiper, Kingfisher, Kestrel, 3 Stonechat ( pair and 1st w male ), Meadow Pipit.

    On nearby Henbury Lee: Siskin
    Also Red Admiral and Brimstone along railway embankment

  11. John
    14th February 2019

    SWaBBS on Wybunbury Moss this morning: didn’t connect with Marsh Tit but pleased to get Song & Mistle Thrush, Bullfinch, Greenfinch, L Redpoll & Siskin.
    On the way home – David Whitby Way, Crewe: 2 Kestrel perched next to each other in a tree.

  12. Mike Tonks
    13th February 2019

    A Marsh Tit at Wybunbury Moss this afternoon. Also a Jay and a singing Song Thrush.

  13. John
    13th February 2019

    Macon Meadows early afternoon: more tree damage courtesy of Storm Erik!
    Song Thrush & Greenfinch singing; 3♂ & 1♀ Bullfinch.
    Plus an oddly marked Sparrowhawk plucking a kill. I’ve seen this ( or another similarly marked ) at least 3 times this winter.
    It has 4 or 5 white patches on its wings when perched

  14. Nigel Henderson
    13th February 2019

    River Dane – Congleton, from the Rood Hill road bridge. Dipper and Grey Wagtail (9:00am)

  15. Mike Tonks
    12th February 2019

    David Whitby Way today at 22:10 – Barn Owl.

  16. Mike Tonks
    12th February 2019

    Astbury Mere this afternoon – 3 Brambling (1m + 2f) and 1 Lesser Redpoll in the copse byond the feeders. Also 2 Bullfinch (1m + 1f) and Greenfinch (heard).

  17. Mike&Andy
    11th February 2019

    Five Oystercatchers around the pool at Doddington and singles of Shelduck and Pochard,this morning.

  18. Peter
    10th February 2019

    Returning from a good SECOS day out in North Wales … Barn Owl by the sand quarry entrance on the A51 at Walgherton at 6.45pm this evening.

  19. Ray Broughton
    10th February 2019

    Up to 4 Redpoll coming to sunflower hearts mixed with Bullfinch, Chaffinch and Goldfinch and Greenfinch.
    Also a single Blackcap

  20. Colin
    9th February 2019

    13 goosanders (5 males and 8 females) briefly on the water at Borrow Pit pool this morning and always nice to see the bullfinches there (2 males with a female).

  21. Colin
    9th February 2019

    At Doddington yesterday afternoon (the 8th) ; now 2 oystercatchers, 90 lapwing and a peregrine over the woods

  22. Mike&Andy
    7th February 2019

    Pink-footed and Barnacle Goose still in the mix at Doddington this afternoon and an Oystercatcher was back after the freeze.On Monday our second best count of Shovelers for the winter period with 66 and just 1 Wigeon of any difference.

  23. Terry Hughes
    5th February 2019

    04/02/2019 Fields Farm Flash. My First Kingfisher sighting of the year. 3 Black-tailed Godwit. 2 M with 8 F Goosander and a M & F Bullfinch were seen among the regulars.

  24. Nigel Henderson
    3rd February 2019

    River Dane – Congleton, between Aldi and the park. Dipper (7:50am) and male Goosander (10:00am)

  25. Mike Tonks
    2nd February 2019

    Sandbach Flashes (EHF) this morning: 1 Mediterranean Gull, 3 Black-tailed Godwit, 2 Snipe and 1 Redshank.

  26. Mike&Andy
    2nd February 2019

    Pink-footed Goose still associating with the Barnacle at Doddington this morning,also a better count of 12 Goldeneye,45 Shoveler,11 Teal,Kestrel and a single Snipe.

  27. Colin
    1st February 2019

    At Doddington this morning a final total count of 9 whooper swans with 58 mute swans and 1 barnacle goose with around 90 greylags and 90 canadas. Also 40 chaffinch, 30 starlings, 20 fieldfares and 20 redwings, probably brought in by the cold weather.

  28. Stephen Shutler
    1st February 2019

    5 Whooper Swans at Doddington this morning including juveniles. Mixed with Mutes.

  29. John
    1st February 2019

    I had c40 Fieldfare land in my neighbours Silver Birch tree this week; only briefly – they didn’t stop & feed, so I can’t include it in the SECOS Garden Bird Survey! Shame.
    This cold snap has brought more Blackbirds to my garden than I can remember foraging through the leaf-fall. The last couple of days they have been very cheeky – picking up the dried fruit as I put it down, despite me being less than a metre away.
    If you feed your garden birds, please keep their drinking water clear of ice & top it up daily

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