June 2020 Sightings

Details of June sightings compiled by John Thompson will appear on the Monthly Sightings page.


  1. John
    30th June 2020

    Speculative mornings birding:
    Casey Lane, Weston/Basford: Swift & calling Oystercatcher, Skylark plus Quail; calls heard from 3 areas of the field repeatedly. Either a very fast bird or a ventriloquist!
    Meremoor Moss: Swift, Kestrel, Hobby, Skylark – I failed to connect with last week’s Cuckoo
    Pool behind Toad Hole Farm, Radway Green: Ringed Plover (although I’m doubting myself now) more likely a LRP, Kestrel, Greenfinch & Yellowhammer
    Garden Warbler singing at the traffic lights at junction Radway Green Rd x Crewe Rd

  2. Mike & Andy
    30th June 2020

    Little Owl and two Grey Wagtails were the best birds at Doddington this morning but no sign of the Oystercatcher chick and no alarm calls from the adults!

  3. John
    29th June 2020

    22 – 28 Jun
    EHF/PHF: Oystercatcher, Bl-t Godwit, Med & Y-l Gull, Common Tern, Sparrowhawk, Siskin
    MGT/RF: Teal, Stonechat
    Alsager: Hobby, Tree Sparrow, Yellow Wagtail, Corn Bunting, Yellowhammer
    Astbury: Stock Dove, Skylark, Sand Martin, Tree Sparrow, Yellow Wagtail
    Astbury Mere: Mandarin
    Bradwall: Red Kite, L Owl
    Cloud: Kestrel, Raven, Willow Warbler, Spot Flycatcher, Stonechat, Meadow & Tree Pipit, Siskin
    Doddington: GC Grebe, Oystercatcher, Swift, Sparrowhawk, L Owl, Hobby, Mistle Thrush
    Meremoor Moss: Cuckoo, Oystercatcher, Kestrel,
    Mow Cop: Siskin
    Queens Park: L Owl
    Rode Pool: Egyptian Goose, Common Sandpiper
    Salt Line/BPM: Kingfisher
    Scholar Green: Crossbill, Siskin
    Weston: Quail, Skylark
    Wybunbury Moss: Spotted Flycatcher
    Wychwood Park: Stonechat

  4. Roy Broughton
    28th June 2020

    Skylark been singing for the past 5 days and landing in maize field at Basford.
    Also Quail was calling at 7.30 last night in Casey Lane.

  5. Colin
    26th June 2020

    At Doddington this afternoon the 2 common sandpipers were still there, also mute swans now up to 59, and tufted ducks up to 35 but still a lot of females missing with 19 males and 7 females (I hope they are all on nests!). Best bird though was a tiny fluffy juv oystercatcher still in the nest with 2 adults alarm calling nearby.

  6. Mike&Andy
    26th June 2020

    2 Common Sandpipers at Doddington this morning and the Little Owl was perched up.Also good to see a newly fledged Oystercatcher with the sailing club pair.The only difference on the water these past few days were female singles of Shoveler and Teal.

  7. David Winnington
    26th June 2020

    Borrow pit meadows Salt line pond 2 or 3 Kingfishers this morning

  8. John
    24th June 2020

    SECOS Blog: –

    Meremoor Moss this morning: unfortunately machinery in the fields and on the neighbouring fishery! Birds seen/heard include: Swift, Cuckoo ( see below ), Oystercatcher, Buzzards x 6 displaying – on one occasion one was on the ground & it was harassed by a Kestrel and later as it flew past some trees and was harassed again, presumably where the Kestrel is nesting, GS Woodpecker, Coal Tit, Skylark, Swallow, House Martin, L & C Whitethroat, Goldcrest juvs, Song Thrush, Linnet & Reed Bunting.

    ** A Cuckoo flew out of an elder tree beside Englesea Brook as I approached. It landed on a fence post not far away. I got my scope on it as I don’t see these often & wanted a good view. On one occasion it flew off into the long grass, returning within a second or two with a big caterpillar in its beak. I compared it to the images of a male & female in my pocket-sized bird book I had with me, but it didn’t fit! It didn’t have the grey head of either adult, nor the rusty-buff throat of a female. Its head was very pale, mottled/patchy with a hint of brown on the back of the head BUT no white nape patch. Its wings were grey, but patchy. I didn’t hear it call while I was there. At first, I thought it was a juvenile, but I am now thinking it’s a female that hasn’t read the ID books! I would welcome comments as I’d love to be able to report it that Meremoor Moss has bred Cuckoo this Summer.

  9. David Winnington
    23rd June 2020

    Rodepool 22/6/20 Common Sandpiper

  10. John
    22nd June 2020

    15 – 21 Jun
    EHF/PHF: Common Tern
    Clay Ln: L Owl
    Alsager: Red Kite, Skylark, Corn Bunting, Yellowhammer
    Astbury: Yellow Wagtail
    Astbury Mere: Common Tern
    Balterley: Hobby, Yellowhammer
    Bent Lane: Barn Owl
    Borrow Pit Meadow/Salt Line: Greylag Goose
    Cloud: Hobby, Tree Pipit
    Congleton: Goosander, Hobby
    Crewe BP: Bullfinch
    Doddington: L & GC Grebe, Oystercatcher, Swift, L Owl, GS Woodpecker, Mistle Thrush
    Lea Forge: R-l Partridge, Sparrowhawk, Skylark, Sedge Warbler, Whitethroat, Bullfinch, Linnet, Reed Bunting
    Mow Cop: L Owl
    Timbersbrook: Garden Warbler
    Wybunbury Moss: Swift, Sedge & Reed Warbler, Spotted Flycatcher

  11. John
    22nd June 2020

    SWaBBS on Wybunbury Moss this morning: notable birds: Swift, Stock Dove, GS Woodpecker juv, Jay, Raven, Swallow juvs being fed by adults, House Martin, Whitethroat with food, Goldcrest with food, agitated Mistle Thrush, Spotted Flycatcher – one on a nest being fed by another ( Church ) + it or another at the other end of churchyard.

    Called at Doddington after for 90 min for a game of Hide ‘n’ Seek with the Little Owl. It won! It wouldn’t show in its usual perch. Notable birds: a white goose with the adult Canadas on the water. Is this the one that Colin described previously? Swift, GC Grebe, Oystercatcher, Sparrowhawk, Hobby – flew low from the yacht club south over the track and very low over the fields and behind the trees, Swallow, House Martin, Mistle Thrush. As I drove out of the lane from the units, I noticed something on a pallet in the field with the sheep. I parked up & got out at the gates for a look through my bins – a Little Owl BOOM!

    Stopped at Checkley Brook Farm on the way home: more Swift, Collared Dove, a ‘yikkering’ Kestrel – a female perched briefly on a ( telegraph ) pole – with a kill. It dropped into the trees close to the pole. Skylark singing nearby and House Martins coming and going from under the eaves of the farm/house.

  12. John
    22nd June 2020

    From Mark Broughton
    “I went for a walk with my wife and two sons round Wybunbury Moss yesterday. We saw a grass snake, 3 common lizards, spotted flycatcher, numerous swifts and swallows as well as sedge and reed warblers. Would have potentially seen more but the “Permissive Path” is out of bounds at the moment due to the heavy rainfall from last week.”

  13. Colin
    19th June 2020

    At Doddington this morning the highlights – and lowlights – included 10 gc grebe but no juvs, 18 tufted but no juvs (13 males and 5 females; are all the missing females on nests?), little grebe 7 ( 4 pairs, 1 with a juv), mute swan up to 55, oystercatcher 9 (pair with 2 full size juvs but still possible to separate them since the juvs have a slight brown tinge to the body colour but the head is full black; a pair with one still on a nest, another pair and a lone single); and the little owl was showing well.

  14. Mick
    16th June 2020

    A pair of Red Kites circled low above me at Merelake (1 mile south of Alsager).
    Different from the one I reported 2 days ago, wing moult very different.

  15. Mike&Andy
    15th June 2020

    A decent mix at Lea Forge this morning included,Sedge Warbler,Chiffchaff ,Blackcap,Whitethroat ,Bullfinch,Kestrel,Sparrowhawk ,Linnets,Skylarks,Jay,Reed Bunting and Red-legged Partridge.Dire at Doddington but at least the Little Owl was perched up.In the dead tree a family of 4 G.S.Woodpeckers were noted.Also Oystercatchers,Mistle Thrush and Swifts on a very brief visit.

  16. John
    15th June 2020

    Early yesterday morning on Macon Meadows: a Water rail called, my first summer record here. Has this secretive species been here since winter or was is forced down in the rain of Saturday evening? Not long after, I noticed unusual movement, a counterflow, of the vegetation in the stream. Seconds later something appeared from the vegetation and immediately submerged. Too small for a rat or a mink, could it be a return of the bank vole?
    Later sightings incl: juv GS Woodpecker, male and juv Grey Wagtail plus a Song Thrush belting out

    Monday 8:45 – traffic lights at West St x Dunwoody Way – numerous Swift above houses to the north of West St – historically, an important area locally for this increasing scarce species

    Macon Meadows before lunch today: I closely checked the vegetation where I’d seen the mammal yesterday and noted some had been bitten of at an angle of 45’ – I believe it’s a classic sign of a Bank Vole feeding. Both adult Grey Wagtail but I still can only find one juv! I stood for a while listening to a Goldcrest hoping to pin it down with a chance of there being young with it. Eventually I connected with it but couldn’t see any others. While watching it, it was attacked by a bigger bird, but I was surprised to see it fend it off with the attacker retreating. The crest was very visible, a bright orange and remained fluffed [ a Collin’s description ] up for at least a minute afterwards.

  17. John
    15th June 2020

    8 – 14 Jun
    EHF/PHF: Yellow-l Gull, Common Tern
    WLF: Common Tern
    Alsager: Swift, Red Kite, Raven
    Astbury: Quail, Barn Owl, Skylark, Sand Martin, Yellow Wagtail, Yellowhammer
    Astbury Mere: Gadwall
    Balterley: L Owl
    Bent Ln/Wallhill: Hobby, Skylark, Sand Martin, L Whitethroat, Tree Sparrow, Yellow Wagtail, Linnet, Yellowhammer
    Borrow Pit Meadow/Salt Line: Sedge Warbler, Whitethroat
    Bradwall: L Owl
    Cloud: Kestrel, Meadow & Tree Pipit
    Congleton: Quail
    Doddington: Oystercatcher, L Owl, Raven, Mistle Thrush, Grey Wagtail, Reed Bunting
    Lea Forge: R-l Partridge, Kingfisher, Kestrel, Skylark, Sedge & Garden Warbler, Whitethroat, Bullfinch, Linnet
    Macon Meadows: Water Rail, Reed Warbler
    Rode Pool: Egyptian Goose, Mandarin, GC Grebe, Oystercatcher, Kingfisher, Reed Warbler, Spotted Flycatcher,
    Queens Park: Hobby
    Quinta: Spotted Flycatcher
    Smethwick: Quail, Yellow Wagtail, Yellowhammer
    Weston: Cuckoo

  18. Mick
    14th June 2020

    Red Kite this morning heading towards Radway.

  19. David Cookson
    14th June 2020

    While out at Lea Forge this morning, my list of birds included. Skylank, Whitethroat, Kingfisher, Swallow, Blackcap, Chiffchaff, Garden Warbler and Kestrel

  20. John
    13th June 2020

    Early morning on Macon Meadows:
    Mallard with ducklings walking towards the stream, followed intently by a Magpie! A Song Thrush belting out, male Grey Wagtail still busy collecting flies as is a Treecreeper. A Reed Warbler singing in the marshy area by MMU grounds is new for me here this year and the only other was in last May
    Yesterday I saw a GS Woodpecker on the grass. I can’t recall seeing one on the ground before! After it flew into the trees, I managed to get a look at it – it was a juvenile.
    Weston Rd Ind Est: plenty of gulls loafing on the roofs except on Swanways roof – there’s a model of a raptor. If it’s been erected as a scarer for this building, it’s working! A male Grey Wagtail was singing intently on the roof of Crewe Arms

  21. Mike&Andy
    12th June 2020

    A few additions to our Lea Forge list this week were,Sedge Warbler,Chiffchaff ,and G.S.Woodpecker.The Garden Warbler still in full song this morning,showing occasionally.

  22. John
    11th June 2020

    On Weston Road, the three balls of fluff seen yesterday have gone! Further along at MECX, one larger ball of fluff on the roof – no adult in attendance.
    At the culvert on Macon Meadows, I could see a male Grey Wagtail exclusively feeding a juv. The female was also seen catching flies, but I was unable to see if she was feeding another juv(s).

  23. Mike& Andy
    10th June 2020

    9 Oystercatchers including 2 juvs at Doddington this afternoon and the sailing club pair still sitting .2 Ravens,Reed Bunting,Mistle Thrush,Jays and Swifts also noted.Last evening the Little Owl was showing.A Kestrel was hovering over Lea Forge as I passed.

  24. Mike Tonks
    10th June 2020

    This afternoon along Child’s Lane, Astbury: 2 singing Quail, 2 Skylark, 20+ Sand Martin, Swift, calling (not singing) Chiffchaff.

  25. John
    10th June 2020

    This morning on Macon Meadows: GS Woodpecker heard, 2 Rook at possible nest site. As I walked along the edge of the stream, a family of Wren exploded from the nettles between me and the stream – the juvs flew across the stream and landed on the fencing. At the culvert, I could see a Grey Wagtail feeding another. Finally! Only one juv seen, hopefully others will emerge in due course.
    On Weston Road, a pair of Lesser Black-backed Gulls were in very close attendance to three balls of fluff. Surprising, the roof is sloping – the juvs are moving freely and occasionally without either adult being present.

  26. John
    10th June 2020

    SWaBBS on Meremoor Moss yesterday: Stock & Collared Dove, Lapwing heard, grass too long to see any! 4 pairs of Buzzards – 3 pairs seen displaying simultaneously, beautifully marked female Kestrel hunting & perched, Coal Tit, Chiffchaff & Reed Bunting fledglings. Swallow & House Martin. I counted 9 Skylark singing/displaying. Sedge & Reed Warbler, C & L Whitethroat, Song Thrush, Greenfinch & Linnet all in good voice

  27. Glyn
    9th June 2020

    Tuesday 9 June 2020
    Borrow Pit Meadows heard Sedge Warbler in reeds by bench.

  28. Mike&Andy
    8th June 2020

    A Garden Warbler was singing from deep cover before finally showing opposite the house at Lea Forge this morning.A second one was feeding fledged young by the brook.Also,Whitethroat , Blackcaps,Bullfinches ,Linnets,R. l.Partridge,Skylarks,Song Thrush,Swifts,Jays and Kestrel.A family of Grey Wagtails were feeding on the shoreline between the sailing club and the old boathouse at Doddington .

  29. John
    8th June 2020

    1 – 7 Jun
    EHF/PHF: Teal, R & LR Plover, Mediterranean Gull
    Alsager: Swift, Hobby, Sand & House Martin
    Astbury Mere: Sand Martin, Willow & Reed Warbler, Grey Wagtail
    Bent Ln/Wallhill: Peregrine, Skylark, Sand Martin, L Whitethroat, Yellow Wagtail, Linnet, Yellowhammer
    Borrow Pit Meadow/Salt Line: Reed Warbler
    Congleton: Goosander, Quail, Kingfisher, Dipper, Grey Wagtail
    Crewe BP: Reed Warbler
    Doddington: L & GC Grebe, L Owl, Sedge Warbler
    Rode Heath/Pool: Egyptian Goose
    Sandbach: L Owl
    Smethwick: Quail, Yellow Wagtail, Yellowhammer
    Weston: Cuckoo

  30. John
    7th June 2020

    Early afternoon on Macon Meadows: the recent high winds have damaged/downed a few smaller branches but the stream still looks clear and low, despite the rain we’ve had.
    GS Woodpecker calling from MMU grounds; of the 5 or more Moorhen territories along the stream, I failed to find any of the young seen earlier! Lots of juveniles: Blue & Great Tit, Robin & Blackcap. The pair of Grey Wagtails are still very busy collecting flies and returning to the culvert with them. My earlier sighting of a third bird doesn’t appear to have been a juvenile after all?
    On the Weston Road Industrial Estate, the flat roofs are peppered with Herring and Less Black-backed Gulls, some on nests, other in attendance.

  31. Nigel Henderson
    5th June 2020

    Congleton – River Dane: Riverside walk to Dane Street: 2 x Kingfishers flying down stream about 5 minutes apart. Lots of Grey Wagtails.
    River Dane between the Steamboat and the park: One female Goosander with three young and one female Goosander with two young. One juvenile Dipper standing at the waters edge and one adult flying downstream. Lots of Grey Wagtails again – male, female and juveniles. Also a male Blackcap feeding young.

  32. Mick Ball
    4th June 2020

    Alsager Mere
    2 Sand Martins (a diificult bird to see in Alsager), 8 House Martins, pair of GCGrebes, 1 Mute Swan.
    also an American Wigeon with some European Wigeon in it.

  33. Colin
    3rd June 2020

    reed warbler singing from the reedbed by the pond at Borrow Pit Meadows this morning.

  34. Pam Henderson
    2nd June 2020

    River Dane Congleton from Rood Hill bridge to Congleton Park – Dipper, Grey Wagtail, Kingfisher. Also saw Goosander with 6 young, she had 7 yesterday, watched them go under the bridge towards the park, crossed the road and looked for them but saw one juvenile heading away from the park in a panic calling (mum, mum, where are you). There was much splashing near the steam boat as it found it’s family. Later as I was walking round the park I saw the 7 juveniles heading upstream without mum, and on my way back to Rood Hill I saw a female on her own. Nigel went down in the afternoon and saw the 7 juveniles back with mum and another female with 2 juveniles – good news I can relax now.

  35. Colin
    2nd June 2020

    at Doddington this morning I watched a vicious fight between two great crested grebes, as one tried hard to drown the other whilst four other grebes watched. After being held under the water several times for long periods the loser finally broke free from the grip on the back of its neck, the six birds split into three pairs and started displaying to each other. Also nice to see a little grebe pair with three small juvs, a sedge warbler singing in the bed of bulrushes near the hall and the little owl on its usual perch.

  36. Michael Ball
    1st June 2020

    Alsager: Hobby

  37. John
    1st June 2020

    25 – 31 May
    EHF/PHF: Hobby
    MGT: Tree Sparrow
    Fodens/Moston: Tawny Owl x3
    WLF: Common Tern
    Alsager: Red Kite, Kestrel, Hobby, Skylark, Willow Warbler, Whitethroat, Tree Sparrow, Yellow Wagtail, Linnet, Corn Bunting, Yellowhammer
    Astbury Mere: Shoveler, Reed Warbler, Goldcrest
    Bent Ln/Wallhill: R-l Partridge, Oystercatcher, Hobby, Skylark, Sand Martin, L & C Whitethroat, Linnet, Yellowhammer
    Borrow Pit Meadow/Salt Line: Swift, Swallow & House Martin, Song & Mistle Thrush
    Congleton: Hobby, Spotted Flycatcher, Grey Wagtail
    Crewe: Peregrine
    Doddington: Oystercatcher, L Owl
    Elworth: Siskin
    Lea Forge: R-l Partridge, Willow & Garden Warbler, Whitethroat, Linnet
    Middlewich: Red Kite
    Mow Cop: Cuckoo, Red Kite, Tree Pipit, Crossbill
    Queens Park: L Owl
    Rode Heath/Pool: Red Kite, Spotted Flycatcher
    Roe Park: Spotted Flycatcher
    Scholar Green: Red Kite
    Smethwick/Brereton: Skylark, Yellow Wagtail, L Whitethroat, Yellowhammer
    Weston/Wychwood Pk: Mute Swan, Tufted Duck, L Grebe, Lapwing, Green Woodpecker, House Martin, Willow, Sedge & Reed Warbler, Whitethroat, Greenfinch, Reed Bunting

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