Your Garden – June 2020

Posts about sightings in your garden during the coronavirus lockdown period.


  1. Graham
    15th June 2020

    10.15 ish last evening, two bats were hunting around our new build house on Abbeyfields, Sandbach, quite happily negotiating the scaffolding that still graces our outlook. Does anyone know the species that I assume have existed here for many years judging by comments in the planning arguments that evidently went on prior to permission being granted – one species in one tree, according to comments but no details given. Interestingly, both main builders here have to erect bat boxes and sparrow terraces – I am still awaiting my terrace, delayed by Covid.

    But 9 common bird species have now physically visited my garden since the end of October which is encouraging and once building works finish and gardens mature, this can hopefully only improve. A few houses nearby, perhaps a year or so old, have House Martins nesting – 6 birds are regularly seen over the house.

  2. Mick
    14th June 2020

    17 Swifts around this late evening counted from my garden.

  3. Mick
    13th June 2020

    Family? Party of 6 Raven over my house in Alsager this morning.

  4. Glyn
    9th June 2020

    9th June 2020
    Watched my feeder for an hour after dinner.
    4 Goldfinches, 2 Blue Tits, 2 Greats Tits, 12+ House Sparrows, Dunnock and a Male Greenfinch.
    First Greenfinch in my garden for over 12 months, also not seen Chaffinch in the garden for even longer, they both used to be daily visitors.

  5. Mick Ball
    2nd June 2020

    14 Swifts from my house this evening.

  6. Colin
    2nd June 2020

    I am still getting around 20 starlings in my garden every day. They seem to have settled into a routine of coming in around tea time for a bath! I know that they are noisy and rude with no manners – when ready they just jump in the small bath even if it is already full – but I do love watching them.

    Ed: you watch Colin’s video in our gallery

  7. Mick Ball
    1st June 2020

    10Swift from my house this evening

  8. Peter
    1st June 2020

    Janet disturbed what was probably a grass snake in our pond this afternoon. Then realised that it had actually been shedding its skin and left us the evidence.

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