Your Garden – October 2020

Posts about sightings in your garden during the coronavirus restrictions period.


  1. Nigel Henderson
    29th October 2020

    Congleton, Somerset Close: Female blackcap in the garden. Chatting to fellow birdwatchers in pre-Covid times I am told that overwintering blackcaps are continental birds rather than those blackcaps that breed here, so perhaps this an early arrival rather than a late stayer.

  2. John
    7th October 2020

    Just had a GS Woodpecker ( female ) on my peanut feeder. The first ( I think ) in 2 years!
    Also, the number of Starlings gathering in the late afternoon is increasing. Still can’t find a Rose-coloured amongst them though

  3. Darron Boulton
    6th October 2020

    Goldcrest in my Willaston garden yesterday. A first garden tick for me.

  4. Peter
    5th October 2020

    Grey Wagtail by the garden pond again this morning – there were two last Thursday.

  5. Peter
    2nd October 2020

    It must be getting cold … a flock of 16 Tits in the garden this afternoon … 8 Blue Tits, 4 Great Tits, 3 Coals Tits and a single Long-tailed Tit.

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