November 2020 Sightings

Details of November sightings compiled by John Thompson will appear on the Monthly Sightings page.


  1. David Cookson
    30th November 2020

    Out at Lea Forge this morning. Along with the usual mix of birds. I saw a Woodcock.

  2. John Thompson
    30th November 2020

    23 –29 Nov
    EHF/PHF: Barnacle & Greylag Goose, Shelduck, Shoveler, Pintail, Goosander, Curlew, Bl-t Godwit, Snipe, L Egret, Peregrine
    MGT/RF: Stonechat
    CF: Water Rail, Jack Snipe, L Egret
    FF: Woodcock
    GF: Water Rail, Jack Snipe
    WF: Kestrel, Stonechat, Greenfinch, L Redpoll, Linnet
    Astbury Mere: Teal, Pochard, L Grebe, L Redpoll
    Borrow Pit: Goosander, Kingfisher
    Bosley Res: Mandarin, Goosander
    The Cloud: Crossbill
    Congleton: Woodcock, Dipper
    Doddington: Pink-footed Goose, Shoveler, Wigeon, Teal, Pochard, Goldeneye, L Grebe, Raven, Mistle Thrush
    Lawton Woods/Lake: Goldeneye
    Lea Forge: Wigeon, Kestrel, Goldcrest, Meadow Pipit
    Rode Pool: Mandarin, Goosander, Snipe, L Egret, Kingfisher
    Scholar Green: Woodcock, Snipe

  3. Mike&Andy
    29th November 2020

    At Lea forge this morning,Goldcrest,a few Meadow Pipits,2 Tree Creepers together,Kestrel,both winter Thrushes,150 Lapwing over as were 12 Wigeon.A quick scan at Doddington gave us a Pink-f Goose,6 Wigeon,6 Shoveler,4 Goldeneye,Little Grebe and Mistle Thrush.Good to see you on Thursday John.

  4. John Thompson
    27th November 2020

    Wybunbury Moss yesterday morning: tree cutting again & inner footpath closed! Bumped into Mike & Andy – a chance to catch-up.
    Only birds of note: – Sparrowhawk, Jay, Raven, a singing Song Thrush, Reed Bunting

  5. Colin
    27th November 2020

    At Doddington this morning the usual few winter ducks with pochard 7; wigeon 4; shoveler 2; goldeneye 3 as well as 103 tufted duck. Not many but when you add in over 400 coot, 700 mallard and 800 geese it looked a bit crowded!

  6. Colin
    25th November 2020

    A good morning at Rode Pool yesterday with 4 Little Egrets, 2 male Goosander, 5 Mandarin, 2 Snipe and a Kingfisher

  7. John Thompson
    24th November 2020

    Meremoor Moss this morning:
    Green Sandpiper, Kestrel, Raven, Skylark, Stonechat ( at least 2 prs ), Winter thrushes and both Mistle & Song Thrush, Meadow Pipit and Linnet

  8. John Thompson
    23rd November 2020

    While on Macon Meadows this morning, I heard ‘wing-clapping’.
    With very little foliage, I watched 3 Stock Dove on a thick branch for a couple of minutes as this action played out. One bird appeared passive while the other two stood parallel to each other as they flapped their wings, hitting the other. It’s the first time I can recall seeing this behaviour.
    Checking my copy of BWPi, they describe it as ‘Birds fight with blows from carpal joint and pecking ..’

  9. Glyn Jones
    23rd November 2020

    23rd November 2020 – 1130
    Borrow Pit Meadows Pool
    Kingfisher flying over pool, first time I’ve seen it this year and I’ve been going every week!!!
    A lady sitting on the bench also saw it and said she had seen the Kingfisher four times since August.
    Also on pool 4 Goosander females, pair of Mallards, Moorhen and for the last week or so, a Black-Headed Gull!

  10. Colin
    23rd November 2020

    At Doddington this morning, a nice flock of around 200 Linnets feeding in maize stubble just a few yards from me. Also 15 redwing sadly my first of the year – in late November! Best ducks on the water were wigeon 5; shoveler 3; teal 2; pochard 1.

  11. John Thompson
    23rd November 2020

    16 –22 Nov
    EHF/PHF: Pink-footed & Greylag Goose, Shoveler, Goosander, L Grebe, Bl-t Godwit, Snipe, L Egret
    MGT/RF: Snipe, GW & L Egret, Stonechat
    CF: L Egret
    GF: Water Rail, Great Egret
    WLF: Water Rail, GC Grebe, Snipe, Cetti’s Warbler
    Doddington: Shoveler, Wigeon, Teal, Pochard, Goldeneye, L Grebe, Raven, Mistle Thrush, Grey Wagtail
    Hassall: Fieldfare, Redwing
    Lawton Woods/Lake: L Grebe, Dipper
    Macon Meadows: Water Rail
    Malkins Bank: Goosander

  12. John Thompson
    22nd November 2020

    While on a SWaBBS visit to a private wood in Barthomley this morning, I heard geese flying over at 9:20.
    As I watched them flying westerly, two skeins totalling 50 Pink-footed Geese in separate ‘V’ formations merged into one.

  13. Glyn Jones
    19th November 2020

    19th November
    Spent an hour or so at Redesmere watching a pair of Kingfishers flying along the edge of the lake, flying individually and together, very active, calling all the time, stopping on trees over the lake, very entertaining. Only managed one decent photograph though, see gallery.
    Had a quick scope of the lake before I left, 3 Goldeneyes, 2 F 1 M.

  14. Terry Hughes.
    19th November 2020

    Mixed flocks of Fieldfare and Redwing seen from the towpath today at Hassall Green. Feeding on Hawthorn between Locks 57 and 59.

  15. Mike& Andy
    16th November 2020

    A continuous movement of Pink-f Geese for the first hour at Doddington this morning with 4 skeins of over 50, 1 of 130 and other smaller groups totalling over400, wonderful sight and sound.Also 6 Goldeneye,3Teal,8 Wigeon,4 Pochard,Shelduck,Raven,Meadow Pipits,a pair of Grey Wagtails,55 Lapwings,10 L Grebes and Mistle Thrush.All the Geese came from due north.

  16. John
    16th November 2020

    9 –15 Nov
    EHF/PHF: Pink-footed & Greylag Goose, Shelduck, Shoveler, Gadwall, Wigeon, Pintail, Teal, Pochard, Goosander, Curlew, Dunlin, Snipe
    MGT/RF: GW Egret, Cetti’s Warbler, Stonechat
    FF: Goosander
    GF: L Redpoll
    WLF: Water Rail
    Astbury/ Mere CP: Shoveler, Wigeon, Teal, Pochard, L Grebe, Grey Wagtail
    Basford: Linnet
    Bradwall: Green Woodpecker
    Brereton Heath LNR: L Gull
    Church Lawton: Brambling
    Congleton: Goosander, Kingfisher, Dipper, Grey Wagtail
    Doddington: Shoveler, Wigeon, Teal, Pochard, Goldeneye, L Grebe, Common Gull, Kestrel, Mistle Thrush, Brambling, Greenfinch, Linnet & Redpoll
    Lawton Woods: Green Sandpiper, Grey Wagtail
    Lea Forge: Stock Dove, Snipe, Grey Wagtail, Meadow Pipit, Siskin
    Rode Heath/Scholar Green: L Egret
    Wrinehill: Snipe, Jay, Stonechat, Meadow Pipit
    Wybunbury Moss: Sparrowhawk, Jay, Meadow Pipit, L Redpoll

  17. Mike&Andy
    13th November 2020

    Earlier at Doddington we only managed 4 Pochard but 17 Wigeon and no Shelduck!At Lea Forge,Siskin,Snipe,Grey Wagtail,Goldcrest,M Pipits,Stock Doves and a continuous movement of winter Thrushes.

  18. Colin
    13th November 2020

    At Doddington this morning a few winter ducks finally started to arrive with pochard 11 (7m 4f); wigeon 10; teal 4; goldeneye 3f; shelduck 2 and tufted numbers up to 123.

  19. Pam Henderson
    12th November 2020

    The nice weather this morning brought out all my favourites on the Dane and Congleton Park. The kingfisher was very busy and a single female goosander was hanging out with the mallards. Grey wagtails and a dipper were also on the river. Nuthatches in the park.

  20. Nigel Henderson
    12th November 2020

    I suspect Redesmere is just outside the SECOS recording area but there is a Red-crested Pochard on the mere. There has been much discussion on the Manchester birding blog as to whether it it a female or 1st winter male but I saw red on the lower mandible which puts me in the 1st winter male corner.

  21. Mike&Andy
    11th November 2020

    Unfortunately we missed you again John.The Sparrowhawk was around earlier and a few to ad to your list were 2 Redpoll,Goldcrest,Meadow Pipits, G.S.Woodpecker and Jay.

  22. John
    10th November 2020

    Speculative walk into town late afternoon to see if there was a roost of Pied Wagtails. No joy, probably not cold enough and too early yet.
    Today, late morning on Wybunbury Moss: chainsaw/tree cutting heard throughout but despite that I connected with all 5 of this season’s thrushes + Chaffinch, Bullfinch, Greenfinch, Linnet, Reed Bunting and my first Blackcap for ages!
    There was a persistent Sparrowhawk as I could hear alarm calls all the way round the inner path. On one occasion, I got a good view of it as it banked while circling, a distinct ‘white’ rump, which I was hoping would help me age the bird. I can’t find it mentioned in “Collins”!

  23. Mike&Andy
    9th November 2020

    3 Redpoll and a Brambling from part of a mixed flock of Greenfinches,Linnets and Goldfinches at Doddington this afternoon.Also,Common Gull,Kestrel,Mistle Thrush,pair of Goldeneye,3 Wigeon,Shoveler and L. Grebes.

  24. John
    9th November 2020

    2 – 8 Nov
    EHF/PHF: Pink-footed & Greylag Goose, Mandarin, Gadwall, Wigeon, Pintail, Teal, Goosander, L & GC Grebe, Curlew, Bl-t Godwit, Snipe, Redshank, Peregrine, Swallow, Grey Wagtail
    MGT/RF: Woodcock, Stonechat
    FF: Goosander
    FFF: Goosander
    Rookery Br: Yellowhammer, Reed Bunting
    WF: Stonechat
    WLF: Water Rail, Kingfisher, Cetti’s Warbler, Grey Wagtail
    Alsager: Sparrowhawk, Kestrel, Raven, Tree Sparrow, Meadow Pipit, Brambling, Linnet, Yellowhammer,
    Arclid: Barnacle Geese, Pochard, Knot, Skylark, Tree Sparrow, Meadow Pipit, Greenfinch, Yellowhammer, Reed Bunting
    Astbury/ Mere CP: Shoveler, Gadwall, Pochard, L Grebe, Common Gull, Siskin
    The Cloud: Tawny Owl, Kestrel, Raven, Meadow Pipit, Redpoll, Crossbill,
    Congleton: Goosander, Kingfisher, Goldcrest, Dipper, Grey Wagtail
    Doddington: Pink-footed Goose, Shoveler, Wigeon, Goosander, Grey Phalarope
    Middlewich Lime Beds: Green Sandpiper
    Mow Cop: Stonechat
    Queens Park: Barnacle Goose
    Rode Heath/Scholar Green: Lapwing
    Wallhill: Shelduck
    Wybunbury Moss: Jack & Common Snipe, Meadow Pipit, Brambling

  25. Mick Ball
    8th November 2020

    Alsager Fannys Croft walk to Corn Bunting site and to county boundary footpath.
    An abundance of birds in the stubble fields but flighty.
    Tree Sparrow, Yellowhammer, Linnet 60, Chaffinch 80, Brambling 1, Skylark 100, Goldfinch, Greenfinch, Starling, Fieldfare 300, Redwing 30, Mistle Thrush, Jay,
    Buzzard 4, Sparrowhawk, Raven, Stock Dove.

  26. John
    7th November 2020

    I triple-checked the Lockdown 2.0 regulations:
    1) unlimited outdoor exercise and 2) I can drive to the country – as long as I maintain social-distancing
    Hurray, I can cover my SWaBBS patches!

    Meremoor Moss this morning: Stock Dove, Kingfisher, Kestrel, Jay, Skylark, Coal Tit, Stonechat, Meadow Pipit, Bullfinch, Linnet + flock of c70 nervous winter thrushes – spooked every time a train passed

  27. Colin
    6th November 2020

    At Doddington this morning I was lucky to quickly latch on to the best bird of the year for me with a Grey Phalarope showing well. It was present when I arrived at 09-15 and I watched it through to 09-45 when it was lost to view and not re-found so possibly left the site. A super bird, I had forgotten how small they are and at first thought it was a leaf on the water. But it immediately was not since it never stopped moving all the time I watched it, either pecking at food on the surface or moving away from black-headed gulls that tended to harass it, usually flying just a few yards and then landing to carry on feeding. Also present were 2 Goldeneye, 1 male and 1 female.

  28. John
    6th November 2020

    Macon Meadows mid-morning: the recent weather conditions have flattened riverbank vegetation, although not a lot to see as water level is still quite high! And the trees have very few leaves left on them, making it easier to connect with the smaller birds. A female Sparrowhawk disturbed the Feral Pigeon and Starling flocks but was in turn being harassed by a couple of Carrion Crow. For the fifth visit in a row, I’ve noted a large Buzzard in the same clump of trees also a very mobile female GS Woodpecker. Very quiet at the moment

  29. Nigel Henderson
    6th November 2020

    Congleton: River Dane between the Steamboat and the park: Dipper, Female Goosander
    Dane Street riverside walk: Grey Wagtail (Pam).

  30. Martin
    6th November 2020

    There were a couple of bramblings on Wybunbury Moss yesterday afternoon.

  31. Darron Boutlon
    5th November 2020

    3rd Nov. The Barnacle goose at Queens park, Crewe has a ‘ring’ on it’s right foot. It is not a conventional coloured plastic ring with number but is a yellow plastic spiral with no room for a number. It is neatly located ie it looks as though it has been cut to length and attached properly. A proper ring or a piece of plastic the bird has somehow got involved with?

  32. Nigel Henderson
    5th November 2020

    Congleton: River Dane: Riverside Walk to Dane Street: Kingfisher (flying downstream) and female Goosander. Now we are in lockdown 2.0 Pam and I will be walking along the River Dane in Congleton on a regular basis. You have been warned.

  33. David Cookson
    2nd November 2020

    I was in Wybunbury moss this morning 2nd. Among the usual birds I saw the following. Fieldfare and Redwing, Meadow Pipit, 1 Snipe and 1 Jack Snipe.

  34. Colin
    2nd November 2020

    At Doddington this morning a few winter visitors for me at last with fieldfare 80 in the trees, and on the water goosander 1 male, shoveler 6, wigeon 5 and pink-footed goose when I spotted 3 with about 300 greylag but the PFG flew off west on their own.

  35. John
    2nd November 2020

    26 Oct – 1 Nov
    EHF/PHF: Pink-footed Goose, Swallow
    Astbury Mere CP: L Grebe, Raven, Goldcrest, Grey Wagtail
    Congleton: Mallard ducklings
    Doddington: Shoveler, Wigeon, Goldeneye, L Grebe, S-e Owl, Jay, Meadow Pipits
    Quakers Coppice: Bullfinch
    Queens Park: Barnacle Goose, Goosander, Sparrowhawk, Jay
    Rode Heath: Egyptian Goose, Green Sandpiper, L Egret, Swallow
    Wrinehill: R-l Partridge, Hobby, Meadow Pipit

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