Your Garden – April 2021

Posts about sightings in your garden during the coronavirus restrictions period.


  1. Peter
    17th April 2021

    We still have a male Brambling with us, who is beginning to look very handsome as he turns into his summer plumage.

  2. John
    16th April 2021

    When not out birdwatching this past week, I’ve been sat in my garden in the sunshine seeing what might pass by overhead. Lots of gulls, buzzards and corvids plus the occasional Sparrowhawk and on Monday a Hobby.
    This afternoon at about 4, I noticed one particular Buzzard at quite a high altitude paying close attention to smaller bird in the sky nearby – I’d estimate the rough location was above Sydney/Coppenhall. The Buzzard repeatedly ‘attacked’ this bird, with outstretched talons. The prey bird didn’t appear to me to be a hirundine but it was some distance away as I watched the behaviour through my binoculars.
    After watching it fail about a dozen times it was successful, grabbing the bird. I thought it would drop down to eat the prey or pass over to its mate but it kept it’s altitude and was harassed by two other Buzzard that paid little attention up until that point.
    Also today, a Great Tit with nesting material going into a hole in a hollow concrete block wall of a neighbour. There are one or two empty nest boxes nearby!

  3. Roy Broughton
    15th April 2021

    Great view of a Tawny Owl at 11pm last night as it flew into our garden in Basford and perched for some time on our home made wooden bird feeding station.
    We also have a ‘mini rookery’ as for the first time in our 20 years at the property, 2 pairs of rooks have built nests in our oak tree.
    We also have 2 Reed Buntings which are still visiting on a daily basis feeding on the sunflower hearts which l throw on the lawn.

  4. Colin
    15th April 2021

    My small garden has a small pond (6′ x 3′) which this morning had a large heron in it! It wouldn’t have much to eat since my two pairs of starlings and three blackbirds have been feeding on several hundred tadpoles for a few weeks now. And as I am typing this I notice that a jackdaw has learnt how to cling to the side of a fatball feeder; I will either need a lot more fatballs or increase my protection. Jackdaw numbers have increased a lot with flocks of 30 – 40 seen in my neighbour’s large garden earlier on and several pairs breeding locally now.

  5. Dave Winnington
    8th April 2021

    Mow cop Wheatear on ploughed field down from mast
    Borrow pit meadows Blackcaps and Chiffchaffs in song

  6. Roy Broughton
    6th April 2021

    Blackcap feeding on fat balls also in our garden today in Basford.

  7. Roy Broughton
    6th April 2021

    The 2, sometimes 3 Reed Buntings which have been feeding daily on sunflower hearts in our garden for the past eight weeks are still here. Also on 5th a lone Fieldfare sitting in our oak tree next to 2 Rook’s nests.

  8. Dave Winnington
    5th April 2021

    Rodeheath 2 Egyptian geese 1 Shelduck field A50 across from Townsend lane

  9. Peter
    1st April 2021

    Siskin (pair) and Brambling (male) still with us but no sign of our long stay female Blackcap

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