May 2021 Sightings

Details of May sightings compiled by John Thompson will appear on the Monthly Sightings page.


  1. John
    31st May 2021

    First day of the SECOS Swift Count and this evening I covered the area closest to home on my bike – I find it a lot better way to hear them screaming overhead than when I’m in the car driving between sites!
    None above Vincent St/Surrey St but I had 6 together above the houses between Elm Drive/Middlewich St/Henry St.
    Not a bad start!

  2. Nigel Henderson
    31st May 2021

    Congleton – park – field
    Mistle Thrush
    Congleton – park – playground
    Spotted Flycatcher
    River Dane – between the weir and Steamboat
    Grey Wagtail Flying
    River Dane – Dane Street riverside walk
    Mandarin Duck ♂
    Dipper Adult feeding juvenile

  3. John
    31st May 2021

    24 – 30 May
    EHF/PHF: Mandarin, Pochard, Oystercatcher, LR Plover, Dunlin, Glossy Ibis, GW Egret, Kingfisher
    MGT/RF: GW Egret
    WLF: Barn Owl
    Alsager: Red Kite
    Arclid SQ: Hobby
    Astbury Mere: L & GC Grebe, Willow & Reed Warbler
    Congleton: Mandarin, Goosander, Tawny Owl, Dipper, Mistle Thrush, Grey Wagtail
    Goyt Valley: S-e Owl, Pied Flycatcher, Redstart
    Lamaload: Osprey
    Mow Cop: Grasshopper Warbler, Tree Pipit
    Redesmere: Mandarin
    Scholar Green: Red Kite, Kestrel

  4. Craig
    28th May 2021

    PHF. A Shovler was on there this afternoon.

  5. Craig
    28th May 2021

    Sorry for those not familiar Steam boat is Congleton.

  6. Craig Allman
    28th May 2021

    Visited the steam boat this morning. A dipper was seen near the boat. Also a yellow wagtail.

    As im a regular down flashes is there a Watsaap group people use for stuff aswell?

  7. John
    28th May 2021

    A walk from Mow Cop Castle car park to Roepark Farm & back this morning – singing Willow Warbler(s) along the route was the only bird of note.

    Later, at the layby/viewpoint at Cheshire Close ( OS Grid ref: – SJ 86818 58706 ): Lapwing, at least 2 more Willow Warblers, plus Whitethroat, Song & Mistle Thrush and Linnet but the highlights for me were a pair of Tree Pipit – singing plus display flights, the occasional brief burst of a Grasshopper Warbler and just as I was about to leave a Crossbill flew over my head calling.

    **** a Public Service notice: road works on Mow Lane between Astbury and the viewpoint means it’s closed today and Tues – Fri next week during working hours – occasionally it was noisy while I was there as the service vehicles were using the layby to turn in so they could go back down the road!

  8. John
    27th May 2021

    Very wet on Wybunbury Moss this morning ding a SWaBBS, not just the result of the recent rain but also due to the tree felling to maintain a high water level. Not much of note here.

    Later a Doddington: the only species with juvs on the main pool were a creche of Canada Geese, some juv Coot and the Island pair of Oystercatchers protecting two juvs from a Mute Swan who also wanted to get on the island. In the distance I could hear Skylark, Song & Mistle Thrush
    A single gosling with a pair of Canada Geese on Lemon Pool! I would have expected to see some ducklings by now too. I counted 5 Reed Warblers singing, 2 of which had an non-singing adult close by – presumably females? Little Grebes heard
    With a clear blue sky, only the odd Swallow noted.

  9. Nigel Henderson
    27th May 2021

    Congleton – park
    Treecreeper on a copper beech.
    Mistle Thrush on the field
    River Dane – Dane Street riverside walk
    Mandarin Duck 2 ♂♂ at the Dane Street end where the river bends to the right
    Dipper Adult or adults flying and perched; Three juveniles on a low branch over the river.
    River Dane – Steamboat car park
    Goosander ♀ swimming then flying upstream.

  10. John
    26th May 2021

    Fairly quiet on Meremoor Moss earlier today: Greylag + goslings, c50 Swift + hirundines feeding overhead – viewing them helped by the fairly low cloud forcing the flies lower. The juv. Oystercatcher is almost full size, but not quite got it’s parents colouring. A female Kestrel, at least 5 Skylark displaying, a pair of GS Woodpeckers. Birds in full song include Chiffchaff, Sedge Warbler, Blackcap, Whitethroat, Goldcrest, Song Thrush, Chaffinch, Greenfinch & Reed Bunting. Other signs of breeding, etc. include a fledged Robin, a Dunnock carrying food and a pair of Bullfinch.
    On Meremoor Fishing pools there were 4 ‘mallard-type’ ducks, but with unfamiliar colouring – I’ll have to research it

    Yesterday in Quakers Coppice, while doing the nest box survey – a pair of GS Woodpecker at a nest hole & juvs heard in the cavity with one occasionally visible at the hole.

  11. Nigel Henderson
    25th May 2021

    Congleton – park – field
    Mistle Thrush
    River Dane – Dane Street riverside walk
    Goosander ♀ with one young – about a half of the size of the adult; also one lone ♀ – this is our first sighting of young this year.
    River Dane – Steamboat car park
    Grey Wagtail Perched
    Dipper Flying and swimming

  12. Nigel Henderson
    24th May 2021

    Congleton park – Tawny Owl Behind the bowling green. Adult and one downy young, roosting in a sycamore tree.
    Congleton park – on the field Mistle Thrush
    River Dane – between the weir and Steamboat Dipper
    River Dane – Dane Street riverside walk Blackcap

  13. John
    24th May 2021

    17 – 23 May
    EHF/PHF: Oystercatcher, Common Tern, Hobby, Reed Warbler
    MGT/RF: Cetti’s & Sedge Warbler
    Canal towpath: Whitethroat
    RLP: Reed, Sedge Warbler
    Astbury Mere: Hobby
    Brereton: R-l Partridge, L Whitethroat, Yellow Wagtail, Yellowhammer
    Doddington: Common Sandpiper, L Owl, Yellow Wagtail
    Mow Cop: Peregrine, Wheatear
    Salt Line/BPM: Tawny Owl
    Scholar Green: Hobby, L Whitethroat

  14. John
    19th May 2021

    Last week I was told that a Kestrel had been found grounded on Meremoor Moss and it was thought that it couldn’t fly. It was taken to a nearby stable – with a way out if it wanted. It was fed with steak & mince and, after two days, it was gone. Kestrels are regularly seen hunting on the moss and perhaps this bird is one of the pair that are using the nest box erected?
    Fairly quiet on Meremoor Moss earlier today: R-l Partridge, a young Heron, a pair of Kestrel, a nest of young Jackdaw, a Raven, Skylark, a party of Long-tailed Tit ( probably too far away from the nest I’d seen at the other end of the track last week to be the same family?). Of the warblers, only Chiffchaff, Blackcap & Whitethroat were heard.

  15. Mike&Andy
    17th May 2021

    Male and female Yellow Wagtails poolside at Doddington this evening,also Common Sandpiper,Little Owl and 3 Oystercatcher chicks on the island being fed by adults.

  16. John
    17th May 2021

    10 – 16 May
    EHF/PHF: Goosander, Oystercatcher, Dunlin, Common Tern, Sedge, Reed Warbler, Wheatear
    MGT/RF: Oystercatcher
    Canal towpath: Yellow Wagtail
    Green Ln: GW Egret, Tawny Owl
    RLP: Reed, Sedge Warbler & Reed Bunting
    Allgreave: Spotted & Pied Flycatcher, Dipper
    Alsager: Yellow Wagtail
    Astbury Mere: L Grebe
    Bearda: Mandarin, Cuckoo, Garden Warbler, Pied Flycatcher, Dipper
    Church Lawton/Woods/Lake: Mandarin, L Whitethroat
    Cloud: Redstart
    Congleton: Mandarin, Goosander, Mistle Thrush, Dipper, Grey Wagtail
    Cut-thorn Hill: Redstart, Stonechat
    Danebower area: S-e Owl,
    Joey the Swan: Grasshopper Warbler
    Lea Forge: R-l Partridge, Kestrel, Raven, Skylark, Sedge, Grasshopper & Garden Warbler, Whitethroat, Linnet
    Queens Park: L Owl
    Salt Line/BPM: Kestrel, Jay
    Scholar Green: Hobby
    Wildboarclough: Spotted & Pied Flycatcher, Dipper

  17. Mike&Andy
    16th May 2021

    A major surprise for us at Lea Forge this morning with a Grasshopper Warbler reeling and showing at close range.Also,probably 3 Garden Warblers,Sedge Warbler,Whitethroats,Chiffchaff ,Goldcrest ,Kestrel,Linnets,Red-l Partridge ,Raven and Skylark.

  18. Nigel Henderson
    15th May 2021

    Saturday 15-May-2021
    Congleton – park – field
    Mistle Thrush
    Newsbank Pool
    Mandarin Duck ♂
    River Dane – Dane Street riverside walk
    Mandarin Duck ♂
    River Dane – weir
    Dipper 3 sightings flying, standing and swimming at Steamboat car
    park and between the steamboat and the weir.
    Grey Wagtail
    Friday 14-May-2021
    Congleton – park – field
    Mistle Thrush
    River Dane – Dane Street riverside walk
    Grey Wagtail many sightings of ♂ ♀ and immature
    Dipper Flying upstream and then on the gravel bank below the road
    bridge – then flying upstream.
    Mandarin Duck ♂
    Thursday 13-May-2021
    River Dane – Dane Street riverside walk
    Dipper Many sightings
    Goosander ♀
    Grey Wagtail Many sightings
    Mandarin Duck ♂
    Wednesday 12-May-2021
    River Dane – above the weir
    Grey Wagtail a ♂ feeding a juvenile; 2 from the park bridge

    Dipper several sightings- at least 2 individuals Flying Perched Swimming
    Tuesday 11-May-2021
    Astbury Mere
    Congleton – park
    Mistle Thrush
    River Dane – above the weir
    Grey Wagtail ♂ feeding immature
    River Dane – Steamboat car park
    Dipper Perched then flying under the Steamboat. Initialy one seen
    flying downstream towards the roadbridge. Also seen on the
    riverside walk swimming, standing and flying.

  19. Dave Winnington
    14th May 2021

    Church Lawton Lesser Whitethroat along the canal lock 49 been hear two days in trees and hedges

  20. John
    14th May 2021

    On Meremoor Moss ( & environs ) earlier today: Moorhen & Coot with broods; a pair of Oystercatchers with one juv, one adult chasing off a Carrion Crow – presumably too close; GS Woodpecker in flight carrying food; a Hobby being harassed by Swallows; displaying Skylarks, a Long-tailed Tit with food near a nest; singing Sedge Warblers; Whitethroats displaying everywhere; a pair of Linnet visiting a probable nest site; plus Song Thrush, Greenfinch and Reed Bunting singing

  21. Craig
    13th May 2021

    Took the camera out last night to Borrow Pit Meadows. Spotted the Usual. Jay blackbird robins great tits.

    Four Buzzards spotted all managing to get the better of my Photography skills which is a shame. Tried to find the Green woodpecker no luck.

    Wouldn’t mind seeing this Hobby aswell.

  22. Terry Hughes
    12th May 2021

    11/05/2021. Yellow Wagtail seen from towpath near Ettiley Heath allotments. What3words location ///riverside.gushes.decorated

  23. David O'Hara
    12th May 2021

    Joey the Swan Wistaston
    Grasshopper Warbler recorded again this year in same area as last year

  24. Nigel Henderson
    10th May 2021

    River Dane at Congleton – Dane Street riverside walk
    Grey wagtail – many sightings of ♂♂ and ♀♀.
    Goosander ♀ where the River Dane bends right.
    Mandarin ♂ where the River Dane bends to the right.

    River Dane at Congleton – from the Aldi roundabout to the park
    Dipper – multiple sightings of what was probably the same individual, swimming, flying and standing.

    Congleton Park
    Mistle Thrush

  25. Colin
    10th May 2021

    A pleasant walk round the Borrow Pit Meadows this morning doing a SWaBBS survey for John. 25 species recorded including 16 wrens, 16 robins and 14 blackbirds and, cheating slightly, yesterday’s hobby.

  26. John
    10th May 2021

    3 – 9 May
    EHF/PHF: Ruddy Shelduck, Goosander, R & LR Plover, Bl-t Godwit, Ruff, Dunlin, Common Sandpiper, Med Y-l Gull, Common & Arctic Tern, Hobby, Sedge & Garden Warbler, L Whitethroat, Wheatear, Yellow Wagtail
    MGT/RF: Oystercatcher, Dunlin, Common Sandpiper, Common Tern, GW Egret, Green Woodpecker, Raven, Skylark, Cetti’s & Grasshopper Warbler, L Whitethroat, Whinchat, Wheatear, Tree Sparrow, Meadow Pipit, Linnet
    Canal towpath: L Whitethroat
    Alsager: Sparrowhawk, Skylark, Whitethroat, Wheatear
    Congleton: Mandarin, Goosander, Kingfisher, Mistle Thrush, Dipper, Grey Wagtail
    Doddington: Shelduck, Swift, Oystercatcher, Common Sandpiper, Reed Warbler, Yellow Wagtail
    Lea Forge: Sedge Warbler
    Middlewich: Yellow Wagtail
    Rode Pool: Reed & Garden Warbler
    Salt Line/BPM: Hobby, Garden Warbler, Whitethroat

    9th May 2021

    9th May 2021
    Westbourne Avenue Crewe
    A steady passage of 30 Swifts for the next 40 minutes.

    9th May 2021

    9th May 2021
    Westbourne Avenue Crewe
    Five Swifts over my property at 1930.

  29. Colin
    9th May 2021

    A lucky view of a hobby at Borrow Pit Meadows this morning when one flew past me close and low but only in view for a few seconds, just as I was looking in that direction. Also several singing warblers – 1 garden warbler; 3 whitethroat, 3 blackcap and 2 chiffchaff and a moorhen still sitting on its tree nest.

  30. Nigel Henderson
    9th May 2021

    River Dane at Congleton
    Dane Street riverside walk;
    Dipper flying under the Rood Hill road bridge; also flying upstream past the Steamboat; also at the weir just before the park. Probably the same individual.
    Grey wagtail – many sightings including juveniles. Also in Congleton park.
    Goosander ♀ on the River Dane in Congleton Park.
    Goldcrest above the weir just before the park.

    Congleton Park;

    Four treecreepers, one adult and three juveniles. The adult fed two of the juveniles.
    Mistle Thrush.
    Great spotted woodpecker – seen; also drumming.

  31. Colin & Sylvia
    7th May 2021

    At Doddington this morning we missed the yellow wagtail but had a pleasant morning with reed warbler, at least four singing males; oystercatcher, probably seven birds in total and three nests; shelduck, two flew in; mute swan 13; swift 30, sand martin 20, house martin 20, swallow 5 and up to six buzzards displaying. At Lea Forge the sedge warbler was still singing and showing well plus several whitethroats and chiffchaffs.

  32. Mike&Andy
    7th May 2021

    Singles of Yellow Wagtail and Common Sandpiper at Doddington this morning and our first Sedge Warbler of the year at Lea Forge,thanks for the heads up Sylvia.

  33. Pam Henderson
    5th May 2021

    Mandarin Drake on Dane, at Dane Street Bend Congleton and Treecreeper in the park

  34. Nigel Henderson
    4th May 2021

    Congleton: River Dane – Riverside walk: Kingfisher flying upstream – After it has been raining for a day the Dane is very high and the spots that the dipper and grey wagtails like are all submerged.

    Congleton Park: ♂ grey wagtail on the bowling green.

    Newsbank Pool: 2 x stock doves – The farmer puts out feed for the swans and geese which attracts the stock doves, which in turn attracts me.

  35. John
    3rd May 2021

    On Meremoor Moss yesterday: a pair of Oystercatchers in flight, at least 18 Buzzards kettling above Weston, a Kestrel hunting, displaying Skylark, a Jay, a Raven overhead, Sedge Warbler, a Whitethroat displaying, Greenfinch and Reed Bunting

  36. John
    3rd May 2021

    26 Apr- 2 May
    EHF/PHF: Ruddy Shelduck, LR Plover, Whimbrel, Bl-t Godwit, Common Sandpiper, Spotted Redshank, Med Gull, Common Tern, GW & L Egret, Hobby, Sedge Warbler, Wheatear, Yellow Wagtail
    MGT/RF: Pochard, GW Egret, Common Tern, Willow, Sedge, Reed Warbler, L Whitethroat, Wheatear, Tree Sparrow, Yellow Wagtail, Reed Bunting
    Railway embankment: Whitethroat
    WLF: Cetti’s & Reed Warbler
    Alsager: Skylark, Wheatear, Yellow Wagtail, Yellowhammer
    Arclid SQ: LR Plover
    Astbury Mere: Swift, Sand Martin, Sedge Warbler
    Axe Edge: S-e Owl
    Checkley: Wheatear
    Congleton: Goosander, Black Stork, Kingfisher, Mistle Thrush, Dipper Grey Wagtail
    Crewe: Swift
    Doddington: Shelduck, Swift, Oystercatcher, Common Sandpiper, Reed & Garden Warbler
    Haslington: Hobby
    Salt Line/BPM: Whitethroat, Bullfinch, Reed Bunting
    Scholar Green: Osprey, Hobby, Grasshopper Warbler, Whitethroat, Yellowhammer
    also a few Osprey sightings throughout the Recording Area

  37. Nigel Henderson
    3rd May 2021

    River Dane walkway – ♂ mandarin; several sightings of grey wagtails;
    By the Steamboat – dipper;
    Congleton Park St. Stephen’s entrance bridge – ♀ goosander – no sign of any young yet;
    Congleton Park – treecreeper, mistle thrush.
    Newsbank Pool – oystercatchers; sand martins.

  38. Mike&Andy
    2nd May 2021

    Our third sighting of Wheatear from different areas with 2 in a ploughed field off Checkley Lane.At Doddington,8 Shelduck,Common Sandpiper,Reed Warbler,Oystercatchers and Swifts were the pick of the bunch this morning.

  39. Peter
    1st May 2021

    Who is setting their alarm clock for dawn chorus day tomorrow?

  40. Graham
    1st May 2021

    House Martins nest building Whitehall Row, Warmingham. Swallows also around.

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