May 2022 Sightings

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  1. Glyn Jones
    30th May 2022

    30th May 2022 – 1130
    Borrow Pit Meadows
    40+ mixed flock of Swifts and Swallows, 2 Song Thrushes, 2 Chiffchaff, Common Whitethroat, Great Tits feeding 3 or 4 young birds

  2. Nigel Henderson
    29th May 2022

    Congleton park
    Spotted Flycatcher (at last)
    Mistle Thrush x 2
    Goosander ♀ with 4 young and ♀ with 3 young (Pam)
    River Dane
    Treecreeper by the flow measurement station at the weir
    Kingfisher Flying upstream over the weir
    Dipper 3; at least 1 Immature
    Grey Wagtail many sightings; at least one juvenile

  3. Glyn Jones
    26th May 2022

    26th May 2022
    Queen’s Park Crewe this morning
    Two broods of Canada Geese, one with 16 goslings and one with 12 goslings, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Juv Grey Wagtail and 2 Mute Swans.

    Borrow Pit Meadows this afternoon
    Pair of Greylag Geese with 5 goslings on lake.
    50+ Swifts through

  4. Nigel Henderson
    25th May 2022

    We’re back from our holiday in Armenia (yes, really) so we are back watching the River Dane.

    Congleton park – Hankinson’s field
    Mistle Thrush x4
    Dane – Steamboat car park
    Kingfisher Flying downstream; also flying over the weir.
    Dipper (Pam)
    Dane riverside walk
    Grey Wagtail Flying downstream. Many other sightings.
    Goosander ♀ with 3 young and ♀ with 4 young. Several other sightings.

  5. Glyn Jones
    20th May 2022

    20th May 2022 – 1500
    Borrow Pit Meadows
    30+ Swifts and 25+ Swallows through.

    Common Buzzard being mobbed by 2 Carrion Crow over Haslington Bypass.

  6. Mike&Andy
    19th May 2022

    5 L.R. Plovers at Doddington this morning and 2 Reed Warblers at the corner of the Lemon Pool,both singing.Also noted were 2 Lapwing fledglings at the back of Lemon Pool,not long out of the nest going by the size of them.

  7. Mike&Andy
    14th May 2022

    Great views of a summer plumaged Spotted Sandpiper at Doddington this afternoon.Watched it for a few minutes before it flew across the pool and out of sight.

  8. Nigel Henderson
    14th May 2022

    Congleton – Lady Warburton’s Walk
    Swift 2 (our first sighting in Congleton)
    Congleton park
    Mistle Thrush 2 on Hankinsons field; also 2 on the rugby field
    Dane – Steamboat car park
    Dane – weir
    Blackcap Male and female
    Dane riverside walk
    Grey Wagtail many sightings
    Dipper many sightings
    Newsbank Pool
    Stock Dove 2 flying; 2 on the ground
    Oystercatcher 2
    Mandarin Duck Male flew in

  9. Colin
    13th May 2022

    At Doddington this evening on the floodwater; 3 lrp, 1 dunlin, 1 shelduck, 1 lapwing, 9 tufted. 49 mute swans on the main pool.

  10. Colin
    13th May 2022

    re-reading my blog on Bryan’s records I guess it would have helped to say they were at Doddington.

  11. Colin
    12th May 2022

    100 swifts, and 1 hobby amongst them, feeding over the water. Record from Bryan Perkins

  12. Mike&Andy
    11th May 2022

    3 Dunlin were new at Doddington this evening and 100 Swifts over the pool.

  13. Glyn Jones
    11th May 2022

    11th May 2022 – 1930
    9 Swift over Badger Avenue crossroads with Frank Webb Avenue, 3 Swift over Selworthy Drive in Crewe.

  14. Mike&Andy
    9th May 2022

    Our first Yellow Wagtail of the year for Doddington this morning and good to see breeding activity with a pair or the L.R.Plovers.Also,Com Sand,Oystercatchers,Red-l Partridge and Skylark.Around 30 Swifts over the pool and on it still the Wood Duck and a pair of Pochard.

  15. Nigel Henderson
    8th May 2022


    Congleton park
    Blackcap ♂
    Mistle Thrush 1

    R. Dane
    Goosander ♀ with 4 fluffy young; several sightings
    Grey Wagtail several sightings including a juvenile
    Mandarin Duck ♂ (we hope the female is sitting on eggs and will produce her young for us to look at)
    Dipper several sightings; Feeding and flying
    Kingfisher Perched then flying

  16. Colin & Sylvia
    6th May 2022

    Not very often we beat you guys but we had 6 LRP on the floodwater this morning with 10 tufted; 4 house martins and 3 swallows collecting mud and just one shelduck – is the other one gone or nest sitting somewhere? Over the main pool were 15 swifts with a few house martins and swallows. One common sandpiper on the island and we finally got a good enough view of a strange duck to id it as a male wood duck.

  17. Mike&Andy
    5th May 2022

    Still 4 L.R. Plovers at Doddington this evening as well as 2 Common Sandpipers around the pool also 6 Oystercatchers and 6 Lapwing.

  18. Nigel Henderson
    5th May 2022

    Astbury Mere
    Willow Warbler
    Sand Martin
    Blackcap ♂
    Congleton park – playground
    Mistle Thrush
    River Dane – Dane Street riverside walk
    Grey Wagtail including a juvenile
    Mandarin Duck ♂
    Dipper Perched below the road bridge feeding in the water; also downstream of the Steamboat flying upstream
    River Dane – Congleton park – Park Road entrance bridge
    Goosander ♀ and four young

  19. Nigel Henderson
    4th May 2022

    At last I have the opportunity to put on something on the blog other than the usual suspects along the Dane.

    What a dotterel is doing in Congleton I don’t know but there were nine other bird watchers looking at it when I was there (16:00), one of whom had come from York. After the North Norfolk trip it is my second dotterel of the year.

    (The dotterel was in a ploughed field south of A54/A536 roundabout at 53.1685,-2.2588. Latest news, after I had gone, is that it flew across the A536 and landed in a ploughed field at 53.169,-2.257 – information from Bird Guides).

  20. Nigel Henderson
    3rd May 2022

    Congleton park – field
    Mistle Thrush 1
    River Dane – Dane Street riverside walk
    Mandarin Duck ♂
    Kingfisher Flying upstream
    Grey Wagtail x3; many sightings; ♂ ♀
    Goosander ♂; ♀ with 4 fluffy young; ♀ with 5 fluffy young in the park
    River Dane – Steamboat car park
    Dipper Flying downstream and under the Steamboat; Perched and swimming below the weir.

  21. Colin
    2nd May 2022

    On the 1st May.
    At Congleton on the river Dane. Dipper; a pair carrying food into a probable nest site; best viewed from the small carpark by the old steamboat roundabout. Goosander; a female with six very small juvs and another female with four slightly larger but still small juvs; best viewed from the footbridge in the park. Thanks to Nigel and Pam for info.

  22. Mike&Andy
    2nd May 2022

    4 L.R. Plovers at Doddington this morning and 2 Garden Warblers singing and showing infrequently at Lea Forge.

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