June 2022 Sightings

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  1. Colin
    9th July 2022

    At Doddington the mute swan numbers have peaked at 70 with Coot over 500 but no sign of the grebes having young, they are later then usual this year. Also nice to see a kingfisher fly by.

  2. Mike&Andy
    28th June 2022

    2 Spotted Flycatchers on the northern edge of Wybunbury Moss this morning.

  3. Glyn Jones
    27th June 2022

    Borrow Pit Meadows – 1400
    Pair of Greylag Geese with three Goslings on pool.
    Song Thrush, Chiffchaff and Common Whitethroat

    And on the way home, Hassall Road, 25+ Swallows over fishing pool

  4. Mike&Andy
    21st June 2022

    Our best bird around Wybunbury moss this morning was a toss up between a Spotted Flycatcher and our first Reed Warbler there.Also good numbers of Chiffchaff,Blackcap,Whitethroat and Willow Warbler,one feeding juvs.Also Tree Creeper,Nuthatch,Stock Dove,Lapwing over,Reed Buntings and Song Thrush also feeding young.

  5. Pam Henderson
    19th June 2022

    Congleton – River Dane
    Grey Wagtail – 4 at least
    Dipper – Feeding then flying downstream
    Goosander – Female and 4 Immature
    Kingfisher – fly by

  6. Colin & Sylvia
    17th June 2022

    At Doddington round the flood pool this morning; LRP 3 adults with 1 juv; lapwing 2 small juvs feeding at the edge of the water; shelduck still pair with 5 juvs; 1 grey wagtail. On the main pool another shelduck with 5 juvs; mute swan 69; gc grebe a total of 9 with one pair displaying and much head shaking; oystercatcher 4 with one still on the nest.

  7. Glyn Jones
    16th June 2022

    Queen’s Park Crewe – 1100
    2 Mute Swans, 2 Greylag Geese amongst about 200+ Canada Geese, the 16 brood Canada Goslings are doing well, getting their adult tail feathers now, the 3 brood is down to one gosling but doing well, and is keeping close to the other goslings. 2 Herrings Gulls and 6 LBBG. Moorhen with 3 young.
    The Herrings Gulls are feeding on shells they get from the lake, they fly high up and then drop them on a footpath to break them open and eat the contents!
    The shells are quite big but we don’t know what they are!!!??

  8. Mike&Andy
    16th June 2022

    Best birds at Lea Forge this morning were,Garden Warbler,Willow Warbler,Whitethroat,Blackcap,Bullfinches,Skylark,Linnets,Reed Bunting and Song Thrush.A quick check on the flood at Doddington saw 5 adult L.R.P. with further breeding activity,one juv and a pair of Lapwing with 3 Juvs.

  9. Colin
    15th June 2022

    At Doddington this evening: LRP 3 adults but only 1 juv seen; shelduck back to pair with 5 juvs; lapwing, probably 4 birds on nests in the big maize field; oystercatcher still on a nest

  10. Glyn Jones
    15th June 2022

    15th June 2022 -1500
    Borrow Pit Meadows
    Common Whitethroat plus Kingfisher flying along the pool

  11. Colin
    15th June 2022

    Just to add a little detail to Mike and Andy’s brilliant blog on the 13th ; this is the first proved successful breeding of Little Ringed Plover at Doddington and it could get better since there have been four birds around the flood pool a few weeks ago and so there is a possibility of another pair still breeding, although it is difficult to prove. When the juvs are just a few days old, they are so small and fluffy and blend in with the sandy soil that you can only see them when they move.
    I believe also that Shelduck is the first proved successful breeding here. We were very happy with a pair and five young but now with another pair with two young and yet another pair with a mixed bag of 11 young just appeared they’re getting common. All the young are not fledged so will have walked to this pool so must have a nest site somewhere close – three, possibly four, successful nests.

  12. Mike&Andy
    13th June 2022

    2 tiny juv L.R. Plovers with adults on the flood at Doddington this morning and still 5 juv Shelducks.More Shelducks on the main pool with a pair with 2 small juvs and another pair with a crèche of 11 of different sizes.Also Skylark,Red- legged Partridge,Mistle Thrush and Oystercatcher sitting on the nest you found,Colin!

  13. Colin
    10th June 2022

    At Doddington this morning, good to see the shelduck still with 5 ducklings and 2 LRP feeding round the edge of the flood pool. 4 singing reed warblers and 5 trilling little grebes on the back pool. On the main pool mute swan numbers up to 70 with 19 tufted, 15 gc grebe, 9 little grebe, 247 coot and 5 oystercatcher. Mid-morning there were 14 buzzards together kettling over the estate.

  14. Dave Winnington
    10th June 2022

    Bosley Cloud fm Redstart with possibly 2 others past first Map with fence till second Map with wooden gate turn Right along path

  15. Glyn Jones
    7th June 2022

    7th June 2022
    Queen’s Park Crewe – 1130
    Canada Geese broods doing well, one brood 16 Goslings getting quite big now, second brood 7 Goslings slightly smaller and the latest 3 a lot smaller, 3 Greylag Geese and 2 Mute Swans on lake, and Great Spotted Woodpecker

    Borrow Pit Meadows – 1430
    Highlight of the day, a pair of Blackcaps feeding 2 juveniles

  16. Nigel Henderson
    7th June 2022

    Congleton – River Dane – Steamboat;
    Blackcap – ♂ feeding immature (with brown cap)
    Kingfisher – ♂ perched
    Goosander – ♀ and three x 3/4 sized young
    Dipper – 2 x immature flying
    Grey Wagtail – many sightings

  17. Colin
    6th June 2022

    At Doddington this morning, partly with Mike and Andy, it was good to see the shelduck still with five ducklings; also 1 little ringed plover still feeding around the edge of the flood pool – is the female sitting on a nest close by? On the main pool 66 mute swans, 1 common sandpiper on the island and a party of four juv pied wagtails; five oystercatchers. A mixed flock of around 200 hirundines and swifts feeding over the trees and grass field.

  18. Colin
    4th June 2022

    A red kite being mobbed by a buzzard over fields just east of the Haslington by-pass. Also seen there yesterday circling round for nearly an hour.

  19. Mike&Andy
    1st June 2022

    The missing Shelduck at Doddington re- appeared this morning along with 5 Ducklings.Also 2 L.R.Plovers,4 Oystercatchers,6 Lapwing with 2 on nests,Reed Warblers,Mistle Thrush,8 Stock Doves and 2 Red-legged Partridge.

  20. Nigel Henderson
    1st June 2022

    Congleton park:
    Mistle Thrush 1 on the rugby pitch
    Congleton – River Dane:
    Grey Wagtail many sightings, including an immature
    Dipper Immature feeding
    Kingfisher Flying upstream to the road bridge
    Goosander Female with 4 young (Pam)
    Newsbank Pool:
    Stock Dove Flying to unviewable position
    Sand Martins
    Oystercatchers 2 adults with 2 young
    Shelduck 1 adult with 2 young (I have seen 2 adults and 6 young here on 29/05/2022)

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