September 2022 Sightings

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  1. Colin
    30th September 2022

    3 swallows over the golf course this morning

  2. Mike & Andy
    26th September 2022

    3 Snipe on the flood at Doddington this afternoon and 2 on the island,also on the island 15 Pied Wagtails and 12 more on the adjacent field.

  3. Glyn Jones
    23rd September 2022

    23rd September 2022
    Avian flu has got worse in the park, I’m told it has affected 25 birds, 15 Canada Geese and the rest either pigeons or doves, because of this all footpaths around the lake are closed to the public, this is to stop people feeding the birds.
    You can still see the Little Owl in the new position in a fenced off area behind the bowling green pavilion.

  4. Colin
    23rd September 2022

    84 mute swans of note at Doddington this morning

  5. Glyn Jones
    22nd September 2022

    Nantwich Lake – 1045
    3 Little Grebes, 3 Tufted Ducks, 2 M & 1 F, 2 Mute Swans, 40+ Black-headed Gulls, 50+ Canada Geese

    Queen’s Park Crewe – 1130
    AVIAN FLU notices have gone up today, confirming at least 7 Canada Geese have died from bird flu.

  6. Mike&Andy
    17th September 2022

    A few sightings from Doddington this week.Tuesday,a Ruff joined the 3 L.R.P.s that Colin found on the flood,Common Sandpiper on the island,Snipe in the margins,Grey Wagtailand 5 Gadwall.Thursday,one L.R.P. on the flood,another on the island,also on the island 4 Snipe and Common Sand flushed.This morning just 2 Snipe on the island,Grey Wagtail,our first Meadow Pipit of the Autumn and Gadwall still.At Lea Forge the unusual sight of a Hobby pestering a Peregrine!

  7. Colin
    16th September 2022

    A very quiet day at Doddington this morning, just the usual waterbirds and no waders but 14 pied wagtails, 15 swallows, 10 house Martin’s and 2sand martins. 2 kingfishers reported last week.

  8. David Winnington
    15th September 2022

    Scholar green 40+ Pink feet just over mow cop heading east

  9. Nigel Henderson
    14th September 2022

    River Dane – Steamboat;
    Goosander – ♀
    River Dane riverside walk – between road bridge & flats;
    Grey Wagtail – 1 flying upstream
    Dipper – 2; also 1 below the weir downstream of the park
    Kingfisher – Flying downstream

  10. Colin
    12th September 2022

    At Doddington this morning 3 little ringed plovers on the flood pool, a total of 87 mute swans on the main pool and a small snipe flushed from the juncus flew low, direct and silent on to the island and out of sight where I could not re-find it — must have been jack snipe

  11. David Winnington
    10th September 2022

    Scholar Green
    Whinchat second hedge , area from Brickhouse farm

  12. Colin
    8th September 2022

    At Doddington this morning, on the flood pool were 5 snipe, 1 little ringed plover, 2 grey wagtail, 3 pied wagtail , 1 green sandpiper and on the main pool 2 common sandpiper, 2 gadwall and a total of 35 tufted (thanks Mike)

  13. Colin
    6th September 2022

    At Rode Pool this morning 1 water rail seen well, 3 common sandpipers and 5 mandarins with one male in full plumage

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