October 2022 Sightings

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  1. Glyn Jones
    28th October 2022

    Queen’s Park – 1500
    14 Goosanders, 12 F & 2 M, 2 Mute Swans, Great Spotted Woodpecker.
    Still no sign of the Little Owl.

  2. Mike &Andy
    24th October 2022

    Water Rail again on the island at Doddington feeding with 5 Snipe.

  3. Glyn Jones
    21st October 2022

    21st October 2022 – 1130
    Queen’s Park
    2 Mute Swans, and M&F Goosanders

  4. Mike&Andy
    21st October 2022

    First Water Rail at Doddington for over 2 years,on the island this morning,also 2 Dunlin and 2 Snipe.Around the pool,Kingfisher,Grey Wagtail,at least 30 Linnets,Meadow Pipits,our first Fieldfares of the season and 2 Ravens over. On the pool,female Goldeneye,3 Shoveler,5 Teal,3 Pochard and 4 Wigeon,with L. Grebes well into double figures.

  5. Colin
    20th October 2022

    At Doddington this morning four small waders flew in. Initially ID’d as four dunlin as they flew around but one looked suspiciously paler. They finally landed, three on the island where they started feeding at the edge of the water and one landed on the water close by, started spinning and picking food off the surface and revealed itself as a juv/1st winter grey phalarope. I quickly wrote my notes but could not re-locate the birds afterwards. Also excellent views of a kingfisher perched close by on the island and two snipe flushed from the juncus.
    The water was as usual over-loaded with geese, mallard and coot but I did manage to find 17 tufted and 2 pochard. Sadly the mute swan numbers continue to decline with 53 living, 3 dead and 2 dying.

  6. Glyn Jones
    17th October 2022

    17th October 2022

    Borrow Pit Meadows – 1100
    Kestrel hunting but otherwise very quiet

    Queen’s Park – 1330
    Mandarin Ducks M & F and 2 Mute Swans
    Still no sign of Little Owl

  7. Colin
    14th October 2022

    At Doddington this morning the swan numbers are down to 56; 4 bodies were seen but others have been removed. Tufted duck numbers up to 78 and 4 pochard there.

  8. Pam Henderson
    14th October 2022

    Nice walk along the Dane in Congleton this morning. Got a Grey Wagtail on some rubble, spotted a Kingfisher three times, 2 Dippers from the carpark by the Aldi roundabout (I’m not sure if they’re a couple or in competition for the territory) and Goosander.

  9. Glyn Jones
    13th October 2022

    Queen’s Park, Crewe -1100
    2 Song Thrushes and 2 Mute Swans.
    Little Owl not been seen for several days.
    Avian Flu latest
    Restrictions have been lifted today and there is access to all areas.

  10. Mike& Andy
    10th October 2022

    Singles of Ruff and Dunlin flying around the pool with Lapwings this morning at Doddington, they landed on the island but didn’t linger.Also 2 Snipe,Kingfisher,our first Redwings of the season,Meadow Pipits up to around 20,5 Wigeon,5 Pochard,2 Teal and a Shoveler.

  11. Colin
    8th October 2022

    At Doddington this morning, signs that bird flu has taken a strong hold with 9 dead swans and several dead geese. But 2 snipe on the island and on the water 71 mute swans, 780 coot, 600 geese sp and at least 400 mallard and amongst them I managed to separate 34 tufted, 2 shoveler and a pochard. 11 meadow pipits on the grass field by the pool.

  12. Mike&Andy
    4th October 2022

    2 Dunlin on the flood field at Doddington this morning and a Snipe on back side of the island with 15 Lapwing. Grey Wagtail also present.A slight increase in wildfowl with 3 Shoveler,2Teal and singles of Pochard and Wigeon.Signs of avian flu with the demise of 1 Swan and at least 8 Geese.

  13. Glyn Jones
    4th October 2022

    Nantwich Lake -1345
    3 Little Grebes still, 30 Canada Geese, 2 Mute Swans, 100 BH Gulls, 1LBBG.

    Queen’s Park update
    A meeting of Friends of Queen’s Park on Wednesday 28th September it was stated 20 Canada Geese had died from Avian Flu. Restrictions are still in place, all footpaths around the lake are closed, although members of the public are ignoring these notices. There had been no deaths of Canada Geese for a week prior to the date of the meeting and if no deaths are reported for 28 days the restriction will be lifted.

  14. Colin
    2nd October 2022

    40 swallows and 2 house martins over Doddington yesterday

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