January 2023 Sightings

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  1. Mike&Andy
    31st January 2023

    4 Oystercatchers in the sailing club at Doddington this morning and a Peregrine perched up.Also Stonechat,Red Kite over,3 Shelduck,18 Goldeneye,20 Pochard and 11 Shovelers.

  2. Glyn Jones
    27th January 2023

    27th January 2023
    Queen’s Park – 1145
    60+ Canada Geese, 2 F Goosanders, pair of Mandarin Ducks, single Common Gull amongst all the Black-headed Gulls
    Our Mute Swan left about five days ago and is thought to be at Winsford Flash,
    also Little Owl was showing well yesterday at its usual spot but not today!!!

  3. Colin
    27th January 2023

    At Doddington on a murky morning I could only add 95 tufted to yesterday’s records. The male stonechat was perched on the car par park fence then dropped down amongst the boats.

  4. Mike&Andy
    26th January 2023

    75 Wigeon circled Doddington this morning with just 14 dropping down.Also 26 Pochard,10 Goldeneye,a few Teal and Shoveler,Shelduck,2 Stonechats,Reed Bunting and a displaying Raven.

  5. Glyn Jones
    25th January 2023

    25th January 2023 – 1130
    I also saw 30+ Siskins at Borrow Pit Meadows but they were in alders by the pool but mobile, also Kestrel

  6. Colin
    25th January 2023

    Around 30 siskin still feeding in the alders by Tilley’s Bridge at Borrow Pit Meadows this morning. Thanks Dave

  7. David Winnington
    24th January 2023

    20+ Siskin in Alder trees Borrow pit meadows near Tilleys bridge
    Also Male Kestrel same area

  8. David Winnington
    23rd January 2023

    Lawton Lake
    16,Mandarin 11 Drakes
    3 Goosander 2 Drakes
    Mute Swan
    2 Grey Wagtails on stream
    6 Tuffted duck

  9. Colin
    20th January 2023

    A good morning doing a WeBS count at Doddington this morning. The best birds were a female Bullfinch in the trees by Lemon Pool, then a female Stonechat along the drive to the units, followed quickly by a male Stonechat on the car park fence and finally I nearly trod on a Jack Snipe in the juncus. Three species that I did not see at all last year, so with the Grey Partridge that I had last week I probably will start a year list for this year.
    The best WeBS birds were shoveler 29, teal 22, goldeneye 10, shelduck 2, pochard 23, tufted 105, wigeon 2, mute swan 2

  10. Tom Graham
    18th January 2023

    Borrow Pit Meadow

    After Carol and I bemoaning the lack of birds on our walk we encountered the following on and just off the salt line within a few yards of each other – pheasant / GS woodpecker / buzzard / little egret

  11. Tom Graham
    18th January 2023

    Borrow Pit Meadow / Salt Line

    After Carol and I bemoaning the lack of birds on our walk we encountered the following on

  12. Glyn Jones
    16th January 2023

    16th January 2023

    Queen’s Park Crewe – 1130
    80+ Canada Geese, pair of Mandarin Ducks, Mute Swan and 3 F & 1 M Goosanders

    P.S. Barnacle Goose has been missing for some time, but a Barnacle Goose amongst some Canada Geese has turned up at Belvide Reservr, maybe this is “Barnie” from Queen’s Park!!!

    Borrow Pit Meadows – 1500
    Very quiet, pair of Mallards, Coot, female Teal, and Robins still coming to food by bench which I think are a pair, not fighting over the food!!!

  13. Colin Lythgoe
    16th January 2023

    Just trying to get my birding activities re-started after some problems I checked my entry on 9th Jan at Doddington and noticed an error; the LBB gull total in the roost should have been 4,000 not 400.

  14. Mike&Andy
    13th January 2023

    A Peregrine was seriously giving a Buzzard a clear off at Doddington this morning and a Sparrohawk flew across the units,also close to the units a pair of Stonechats along the fence line.On the pool a Barnacle Goose was very welcome.

  15. Colin Lythgoe
    9th January 2023

    At Doddington a late visit to check the evening gull roost gave the following totals: bh gull 4,500, lbb gull 4,00, common gull 150, herring gull 100, gbb gull 6

  16. David Cookson
    9th January 2023

    9-1-23. I visites Doddington this morning. Amongst the 26 species recorded there were of note 7 Pochard, Nuthatch and a Stonechat.

  17. Mike Tonks
    9th January 2023

    A male blackcap feeding on sunflower hearts this morning. A first for our Elworth garden.

  18. Nigel Henderson
    8th January 2023

    Park; Kingfisher – Flying low downstream of St. Stephen’s entrance bridge
    River Dane – Steamboat car park; Dipper x 2
    River Dane riverside walk – opposite flats car park; Goosander 2 ♂♂ 2♀♀

  19. Colin Lythgoe
    6th January 2023

    At Doddington this morning, few birds left if you discounted coot and mallard, but some quality. 35 Tufted, 16 goldeneye, 2 pochard, 1 wigeon, 1 shelduck, 2 skylark, 1 kestrel and 3 stonechats near the carpark. Thanks to Mike, Andy and John.

  20. Nigel Henderson
    6th January 2023

    Sandbach Flashes – Hancocks Flood; Curlew x 26
    You see, I am allowed out of Congleton.

  21. Glyn Jones
    5th January 2023

    5th January 2023 – 1130
    Queen’s Park Crewe
    70+ Canada Geese, M&F Mandarin Ducks, Mute Swan, 4 Common Gulls amongst all the Black-headed Gulls and single Female Goosander

  22. David Winnington
    5th January 2023

    7 Redpoll feeding Church Lawton Ashbank farm area bottom of hill wood side
    Also 4 Mandarin 2 Drakes Lawton Lake
    From causeway

  23. Glyn Jones
    4th January 2023

    4th January 2023

    Borrow Pit Meadows – 1100
    Another quiet day, 2 Robins coming to food by bench and a Treecreeper

    Queen’s Park Crewe – 1400
    3 F Goosanders, M & F Mandarin Ducks and a Mute Swan

  24. Nigel Henderson
    4th January 2023

    Congleton park – rugby field; Mistle Thrush x 2
    Dane – Steamboat car park; Dipper x 2 on the collapsing wall
    Dane riverside walk – opposite the flats; Kingfisher – Flying upstream

  25. Nigel Henderson
    3rd January 2023

    Dane – Steamboat car park;
    Dipper – 2 Standing on the far side of the river; one returning one flying downstream.
    Dane riverside walk – opposite the flats; Grey Wagtail

    There has been a Great Spotted Woodpecker drumming in the park since before Christmas. This seems a bit early to me. Is this normal?

  26. Colin Lythgoe
    2nd January 2023

    12 little egrets and 1 great white egret came in to roost at rode pool last night

  27. Nigel Henderson
    1st January 2023

    A happy new year to all our readers. Congleton:River Dane: Dipper from the Steamboat car park

  28. Colin Lythgoe
    1st January 2023

    a single egyptian goose on the golf course this morning

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