December 2022 Sightings

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  1. Glyn Jones
    31st December 2022

    31st December 2022 – 1130
    Borrow Pit Meadows
    Common Buzzard on post, 2 M 1 F Mallards and Coot on pool, single Robin coming to food,
    and at my second feeding station, Blue and Great Tits, Robin and a Jay.

  2. Dave Winnington
    30th December 2022

    Green Woodpecker Rode Heath on Field public path from Broughton Arms over stream up bank on left , 2 Grey Partridge reported in same area

  3. Mike&Andy
    29th December 2022

    A Hooded Merganser added a splash of colour at Doddington this afternoon,it didn’t linger for long.Male and female Stonechat around the sailing club.

  4. Glyn Jones
    29th December 2022

    29th December 2022
    Queen’s Park Crewe – 1100
    70+ Canada Geese, pair of Mandarin Ducks, 2 M 3 F Goosanders, 5 Common Gulls

    Borrow Pit Meadows – 1230
    Very quiet here, 2 Robins coming to food by the bench, Kestrel over hunting and 20 Redwings

  5. Mike&Andy
    26th December 2022

    Two skeins of Pinkfeet over Doddington this morning,one of 60 another of 12,also Goldeneye just on double figures,14 Pochard,2s of Wigeon,Teal and Shoveler,23 Meadow Pipits,Coal Tit,Tree Creeper and the best bird a Male Stonechat in the same area as our last sighting.

  6. Colin Lythgoe
    25th December 2022

    At Doddington yesterday to count the gull roost, 3000 in by 15-45 but still very light and I had to get home ready to hang my Christmas stocking! To be counted again. Also 42 tufted, 7 pochard, 5 goldeneye, 2 wigeon, 2 mute swan

  7. Glyn Jones
    22nd December 2022

    Queen’s Park Crewe – 1130
    70+ Canada Geese, M&F Mandarin Ducks, 3 Common Gulls, 5 Herring Gulls, Great Spotted Woodpecker,
    and another rarity for the park, 2 M 1 F Shovelers

  8. Glyn Jones
    21st December 2022

    Borrow Pit Meadows – 1300
    Very quiet today, only male Mallard and two Moorhens on pool.
    Small flock of 6 Chaffinches, lots of Robins including Robin coming to food by bench.
    and later male Kestrel hunting over meadows.

  9. Glyn Jones
    20th December 2022

    Queen’s Park Crewe – 1130
    70+ Canada Geese, M&F Mandarin Ducks, Common Gull amongst all the Black-headed Gulls, and rare sight for the park, male Kestrel over.
    No Mute Swans at the moment, apparently three flew out last Wednesday.

  10. Mike&Andy
    20th December 2022

    15 Pinkfeet over Doddington this morning and 1 with Greylags in the front field.Also 2 Snipe and a single Dunlin.

  11. Mike&Andy
    17th December 2022

    At Doddington this morning Teal numbers up from low 20s to 143.

  12. Graham
    17th December 2022

    2.20pm. Red Kite over house – Berryfields, Sandbach. Must have smelt the pork fat that the BHGulls are eyeing up!

  13. Nigel Henderson
    16th December 2022

    Friday 16-Dec-2022
    Congleton River Dane – Steamboat; Goosanders – 2♂♂ 3♀; also ♀ by the Steamboat
    Dane riverside walk – road bridge; Kingfisher – Seen from the steps; Flying downstream

    Tursday 15-Dec-2022
    Congleton River Dane – Steamboat; Goosanders – 4♂ ♂ 5♀♀ swimming also 1 flying downstream
    Dane riverside walk – road bridge; Grey Wagtail- The first seen on this stretch of the Dane since Sunday 20-Nov-2022

  14. Nigel Henderson
    11th December 2022

    Congleton: River Dane
    between the weir and Steamboat; Kingfisher – ♂ Flying downstream, perched then flying downstream and perching again
    below the road bridge; Dipper – Flying downstream, perched then flying downstream again
    riverside walk ; Goosander – 2 males, 1 female

  15. Mike
    9th December 2022

    Decent count of wildfowl at Doddington this morning with 22 Shoveler,14 Teal,6 Pochard,6 Goldeneye,2 Wigeon,Shelduck,Pinkfoot and a Peregrine perched up at the back of the pool.

  16. Glyn Jones
    8th December 2022

    Queen’s Park – 1100 – 70% of lake frozen over, very few birds about.
    3 Mute Swans now, a pair came in yesterday.
    Also report from yesterday that the Little Owl had been seen on its old roost but not today!!!!

  17. Glyn Jones
    6th December 2022

    Queen’s Park – 1100
    70 Canada Geese, 2 M Goosanders, Mute Swan, Common Gull, Great Spotted Woodpecker.
    On bird feeders by species Coal, Blue and Great Tits, Nuthatch and Dunnock plus many Robins in the park.

    Still no sign of Little Owl, Mandarin Ducks or “Barnie” the Barnacle Goose.

  18. Dave Winnington
    2nd December 2022

    Church Lawton lake 4 Mandarin 3 drakes from causeway

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