December 2023 Sightings

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  1. Mike&Andy
    31st December 2023

    Not much change at Doddington this morning,pair of Stonechats,G.W.Egret,Ravens displaying,Kestrel,Red-l Partridge,pair of Reed Buntings,5 Goldeneye,2 Gadwall,Goosander and a single Wigeon.

  2. Colin
    31st December 2023

    song thrush in full song in Quakers Coppice this morning

  3. Colin
    29th December 2023

    Gull roost at Doddington. After the visit on 16th I went again on 22nd and only a few hundred gulls were seen and none stayed. This evening, the 29th, less than ten gulls were seen and none stayed. It looks like this long established roost may be a casualty of the bird flu which has seen many thousands of gulls die.

  4. Glyn Jones
    29th December 2023

    Salt Line Way – 1140
    30 Redwings and 5 Long-tailed Tits.

    Robin and Blackbird still coming to food by bench,
    then walk slowly along right hand side of pool, 15 Siskins and 4 Goldfinches feeding on footpath, occasionally flying into Alder trees..

  5. Glyn Jones
    28th December 2023

    Queen’s Park Crewe – 1115

    Another wet day
    M&F Mandarin Ducks, 2 Mute Swans with 4 grownup Swans, no sign of Black Swan, single juvenile Mute Swan, 2 F Goosanders
    (another birder had seen Kingfisher by the bridge)

    27th December 2023

    Borrow Pit Meadows – 1145
    Just a brief visit cloudy with rain

    Robin to food by bench which also attracts a Blackbird that mops up any thing left by the Robin

    As I walked down the right hand side of the pool there were 8 small birds feeding on the footpath, 6 Goldfinches and 2 Siskins

  7. Glyn Jones
    23rd December 2023

    Queen’s Park Crewe – 1330

    2 Mute Swans with 4 grown up young also with them Black Swan, plus one other juvenile Mute Swan, 3 M 2 F Goosanders

  8. Colin
    19th December 2023

    2 great white egrets still at Rode Pool this morning as well as 7 little egrets and 140 greylag, a big count for this site.

  9. Mike&Andy
    18th December 2023

    Goldeneyes the only notable duck on Doddington this morning but around the pool,G.W.Egret,Meadow Pipits,Kestrel,Kingfisher,Reed Bunting,L.Redpoll along the Lemon Pool,90 Pinkfeet over and male and female Stonechats on the junkus opposite the sailing club.Last Friday the 15th,we shared a Common Scoter with Colin and John.

  10. Colin
    16th December 2023

    At Doddington this evening for the gull roost. Similar birds to yesterday plus a great white egret. A strange count in the gull roost with less than three thousand birds there at 16-00, around 2000 lbb gulls and 1000 black headed but instead of increasing most birds drifted away and by 16-30 only around 300 black headed and 20 lbb remained. Usually between 8 and 10 thousand. Results of bird flu? I’ll go again next week to check.

  11. Glyn Jones
    15th December 2023

    Queen’s Park Lake Crewe – 1130

    2 adult Mute Swans with 4 grownup young, also with them a Black Swan which has been there for three weeks approximately apparently, single juvenile Mute Swan, 7 M & 1 F Goosanders, M & F Mandarin Ducks

    15th December 2023

    Dane riverside walk Mandarin Duck ♂ ♀
    River Dane – Steamboat car park Dipper
    Park – between the bridges Kingfisher
    Newsbank Pool
    Northern Shoveler ♂ ♀
    Black Swan

  13. Glyn Jones
    13th December 2023

    Borrow Pit Meadows – 1100
    Robin still coming to food on bench
    and on old railway line – Great Spotted Woodpecker, 2 Redwings and Kestrel hunting in adjacent field

    Nantwich Lake – 1330
    60 Canada Geese, 2 Lesser Black-backed Gulls, Common Gull, 5 Tufted Ducks, 2 adult Mute Swans with 4 grown up cygnets

  14. Colin, Chris & Mick
    12th December 2023

    a good morning at Rode Pool with 2 great egrets, 4 little egrets and 15 goosander

  15. Nigel Henderson
    8th December 2023

    Congleton – River Dane – F Goosander , M and F Mandarin, Kingfisher (Pam)

  16. Mike
    6th December 2023

    At a mostly frozen Doddington this morning,F Goosander,5 Goldeneye,4 Shelduck,13 Teal,3 Wigeon,14 L.Grebe,16 Tufted,L.Egret,2 Common Gull,Kestrel,Kingfisher and a single Raven.

  17. Nigel Henderson
    6th December 2023

    Congleton – River Dane – F Goosander , M Mandarins, F Grey Wagtail

  18. Nigel Henderson
    3rd December 2023

    Congleton – River Dane – 3 x Goosander and M &F Mandarins (Pam)

  19. Nigel Henderson
    2nd December 2023

    Congleton – River Dane – Dipper (Pam)

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