July 2024 Sightings

Details of July sightings will appear on the Monthly Sightings page.

In the meantime, if you spot anything of interest record it here by adding a comment.


  1. Nigel Henderson
    7th July 2024

    Congleton: River Dane: Kingfisher, Grey Wagtail, (4/7/2024 Pam) Goosander Female and 5 young.

  2. SECOSeditor
    6th July 2024

    Repost for Darren Boulton 2 July
    Red Kite over Sainsbury’s roundabout, Nantwich Tues am.

  3. SECOSeditor
    6th July 2024

    Repost for Mike and Andy 4 July
    L.R.Plover on the shrinking flood field along the drive to the units at Doddington this afternoon.

  4. SECOSeditor
    6th July 2024

    Repost for Colin 4 July
    An exciting morning at Doddington on Thursday 4th July. Driving slowly on the estate I flushed a red kite and three ravens together on the ground in the small grass field between Lemon Pool and the wood by the hall. I parked out of the way and waited and the red kite and one of the ravens re-appeared having an aerial battle including a brief session of talon grappling. They then moved out of sight over the wood. I got another brief view of the kite ten minutes later.
    Also seen; on the puddle were oystercatcher 4 (2 adults with 2 fledged juvs), and lapwing 6 with 2 probable juvs. On the main pool 11 little grebe, 7 ads and 4 juvs of 2 broods and finally 89 mute swans

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