November 2022 Sightings

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  1. Glyn Jones
    30th November 2022

    Borrow Pit Meadows – 1130
    12 Mallards and female Teal on pool, Robin still coming to food on bench also Goldcrest

  2. Mike&Andy
    28th November 2022

    70 Pinkfeet over Doddington this morning and a male Stonechat to the right of the road to the units opposite the sailing club.

  3. Colin
    27th November 2022

    Just watched a chiffchaff in my garden for several minutes whilst it had a bath in the pond. Not rare, or even scarce nowadays, but a first in my garden for several years.

  4. Mike&Andy
    26th November 2022

    Pink-f Goose with Greylags at Doddington this morning.

  5. Colin
    25th November 2022

    At Doddington this morning duck numbers were pochard 7, goldeneye 2 (1m & 1f), tufted 48, wigeon 1, shelduck 1. also 17 little grebe and 2 mute swans on Lemon Pool.

  6. Glyn Jones
    23rd November 2022

    Borrow Pit Meadows – 1100
    Glorious autumnal morning but very quiet.
    2 Coot 1Moorhen on pool, Robin coming to food by bench still, Common Buzzard over.

    Note: – Salt Line Way is closed due to work on Ash Dieback Disease, open Saturday 26th November.

  7. Mike&Andy
    22nd November 2022

    Deja vu at Doddington this morning with a Merlin being mobbed by a Carrion and retaliating,Peregrine perched up for great views,Water Rail swimming alongside the island,single Snipe,Common Gull,Lapwings,Greenfinch,Linnets,Meadow Pipits,2 Reed Buntings,2 male,3 female Goldeneye,2 Teal and 5 Pochard.

  8. Glyn Jones
    22nd November 2022

    Queen’s Park – 1100
    3 F 1 M Goosanders, single Mute Swan

    Borrow Pit Meadows – 1430
    Song Thrush feeding on berries, 5 Mallards on pool, 5 Long-tailed Tits, Robin still coming to food on bench by pool!!!

  9. Andrew Warner
    22nd November 2022

    Two Red Kites passed over Doddington Pool Sunday morning

  10. Colin
    18th November 2022

    A dismal afternoon at Doddington but I did get my first goldeneye of the winter with 1 male and 3 females. Also 14 fieldfare and 5 red-legged partridge

  11. Mike&Andy
    16th November 2022

    Another sighting of a Merlin perched up briefly at Doddington this morning and our 4th of a Peregrine in the last 3 weeks.Also 2 Grey Wagtails,2 Common Gulls,Snipe,2 Ravens and after much searching.a single female Goldeneye.

  12. Colin
    16th November 2022

    2 whooper swans in a field by Stonechair Lane, Scholar Green yesterday.
    also an egyptian goose on a pond at the golf course this morning

  13. Glyn Jones
    14th November 2022

    Borrow Pit Meadows Pool – 1315
    7 M 1 F Mallards, 2 Coot, 2 Black-headed Gulls, female Teal, first Teal I have ever seen here!!!and Robin coming to food on the bench.

    Queen’s Park – 1430
    3 M 11 F Goosanders, 40 Canada Geese, 1 Mute Swan, and 1 Common Gull

  14. Colin
    11th November 2022

    At Doddington this morning mute swan numbers down to 9. Checking on old records, in some years the numbers in Nov and Dec do go down to less than 10 so not sure whether this low number is due entirely to avian flu or a natural reduction as birds move to other sites as well. Counts of less than 10 of pochard, gadwall, wigeon, shoveler and teal; 26 tufted but no goldeneye today. The coot total was 740. As I was leaving 2 skeins of pink-footed geese, total of 90, flew over, heading west

  15. Glyn Jones
    10th November 2022

    Queen’s Park – 1400
    6 M 9 F Goosanders, Great Spotted Woodpecker near nest site, 40 Canada Geese, and only 1 Mute Swan now, the male has been very quiet of late and not been seen eating any food and was taken away by the RSPCA and eventually put down, at this stage not thought to be Avian Flu. The female seems to be OK and is eating fine.

  16. Glyn Jones
    8th November 2022

    Queen’s Park – 1130
    7 F 2 M Goosanders, 2 Mute Swans, and 40 Canada Geese, quite a low number for here.

    Borrow Pit Meadows – 1400
    Kestrel hunting and Robin still coming to food on the bench by the pool!!
    Otherwise very quiet

  17. Colin
    4th November 2022

    At Doddington this afternoon all that I can add to Mike & Andy’s records this morning is the mute swan total of just 36.

  18. Mike&Andy
    4th November 2022

    At Doddington this morning,Merlin straight through,Peregrine,2 Redpoll,2 Snipe,15 Meadow Pipits,80 Pinkfeet over,3 Goldeneye,Goosander,,5 Gadwall,4 Wigeon,4 Shoveler,12 Teal and 2 Pochard.

  19. Nigel Henderson
    2nd November 2022

    Comgleton River Dane:
    Grey Wagtail – seen flying downstream over the weir.
    Kingfisher – Perched then flying upstream; also seen again on the way back opposite the Steamboat.
    Dipper – Perched then flying upstream.
    Goosander – (Pam) female.

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