March 2024 Sightings

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  1. Mike Brooks
    28th March 2024

    28 th March 2024 11am
    Borrowpit meadows
    2 Canada geese, 2 Grey Lag on the pool, 2 Blackcaps.

    Salt Line
    2 Blackcaps, 2 Goldcrests

  2. Glyn Jones
    27th March 2024

    Borrow Pit Meadows – 1500
    4 noisy Greylag Geese, 2 Canada Geese,
    3 Tufted Ducks, 2 M 1 F, all on the pool.
    Only 4 Chiffchaffs today SLW/BPM

  3. Mike&Andy
    26th March 2024

    A male Redstart close to the lodge house at Doddington this morning in the field adjacent to the pool,in trees and on the ground.Also Grey Wagtail,Raven,Chiffchaff,M.Pipits,Lapwings,Reed Bunting,Skylarks,Red-l Partridge,Oystercatchers,singles of Goldeneye and Gadwall.

  4. Glyn Jones
    26th March 2024

    2 Greylag Geese, 2 Canada Geese on pool Borrow Pit Meadows,
    At least 8 Chiffchaffs along SLW/BPM

  5. Nigel Henderson
    24th March 2024

    Newsbank Pool: Whooper Swan x 2

    Congleton, River Dane: Goosander 1M+1F; Dipper

  6. Nigel Henderson
    23rd March 2024

    Newsbank Pool
    Oystercatcher x 2; Stock Dove X 2

    Congleton, River Dane
    Goosander 1M+2F – one of the F was showing white on the flank so it may be about to moult into male plumage.

  7. Mike&Andy
    22nd March 2024

    Woodcock flushed from rough ground close to the units at Lea Forge,Wybunbury this morning.

  8. Mike Brooks
    21st March 2024

    19th March 2024
    Borrowpit Meadows- 11.00am
    M and F Reed Bunting

  9. Mike &Andy
    19th March 2024

    At Doddington this morning,5 Goldeneye,3 Gadwall,4 Shoveler,Pochard,5 Little Grebe,2 Chiffchaff around the fishermans hut on the lower pool and a pair of Reed Buntings.

  10. Nigel Henderson
    19th March 2024

    Congleton – River Dane:
    Kingfisher; Dipper; Grey Wagtail; Treecreeper; Mandarin drake (Pam); Goosander M&F (Pam)

    Newsbank Pool: Barnacle Goose; 2 x Shelduck; 4 x Oystercatcher

  11. Glyn Jones
    18th March 2024

    Salt line Way – 1430
    2 Chiffchaffs

    Borrow Pit Meadows – 1445
    3 Chiffchaffs

    Otherwise very quiet

  12. Roger Hinde
    16th March 2024

    Not 100% sure but I am pretty confident of an osprey sighting this morning. Flying in a very straight line with a slow steady wingbeat obviously recently arrived and en route to Scottish Highlands possibly. Acton, Nantwich 10am Sat 16th March.

  13. Mike&Andy
    16th March 2024

    A good list of birds around Wybunbury Moss this morning the highlights included,Kingfisher,Pair of Bullfinches,2 Goldcrests,4 Tree Creepers,2 Reed Buntings,Jack Snipe,Coal Tit,3 singing Chiffchaff,Sparrowhawk,Kestrel,L.Redpoll and a single Shoveler over.

  14. Nigel Henderson
    15th March 2024

    Newsbank Pool – Barnacle Goose
    Astbury Mere – Chiffchaff

  15. Colin
    15th March 2024

    At Doddington this morning, good views of a little gull amongst 450 black-headed gulls. The only ducks were 70 tufted and 4 pochard but gc grebe numbers have increased to 14, ready for the breeding season

  16. Nigel Henderson
    13th March 2024

    Newsbank – Marton Hall Lane Pool
    Green Sandpiper still
    Newsbank Pool
    2 x Shelduck; Mandarin M+F; 2 x Stock Dove; Oystercatcher x 2

  17. Glyn Jones
    13th March 2024

    Borrow Pit Meadows – 1145
    Chiffchaff again but mobile

  18. Glyn Jones
    12th March 2024

    Borrow Pit Meadows – 1130
    Chiffchaff singing by the pool

    Queen’s Park – 1430
    M&F Mandarin Ducks still,
    also 2 ads Mute Swans + 4 juvs now very independent + single juvenile
    Not seen Little Owl in my last six visits!!!

  19. Glyn Jones
    12th March 2024

    Borrowpit Meadows – 1130
    Chiffchaff singing by pool
    Otherwise very quiet

  20. Nigel Henderson
    11th March 2024

    What I saw was a sandpiper – not a sadpiper – that is something quite different.

  21. Nigel Henderson
    11th March 2024

    Marton Hall Pool (this is on the right as you go from Marton to Newsbank)
    Green Sadpiper

  22. Colin
    7th March 2024

    the only birds of note at Doddington this morning were 11 goldeneye and 3 shelduck, although the shelduck flew off and didn’t return

    5th March 2024

    Park: Mistle Thrush x 2; Song Thrush; Nuthatch
    River Dane: Goosander M and F; Kingfisher; Siskin; Dipper; Mandarin Duck 3M and 2F; Grey Wagtail (Pam)

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